Who’s Calling Me?

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If you’re a Duncanville ISD parent who has recently answered the phone and heard a recorded voice, you’ve most likely experienced one communictaion system Duncanville ISD uses to keep parents informed and connected to school – the district’s School Messenger automated calling system.

School Messenger is used by our district to keep parents informed on a wide variety of topics.  The most common use of School Messenger is for student absence notification.  Attendance clerks at each campus use the calling system to notify parents when their child has been counted absent from school.  Information regarding student attendance requirements can be found in the Student Code of Conduct, listed under Parent Resources on our district webpage.

School Messenger can also be used to communicate other information to parents regarding campus or district-wide issues.  If you receive one of these calls, please listen carefully to the complete message.  If you have questions about a School Messenger phone call, your child’s school may be contacted for more information.