Where in the World is Duncanville ISD?

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Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas… Byrd Middle School student Evelyn Walters could no doubt finish naming all 50 states, but she could most likely add some countries, bodies of water, landmarks, and capitals to that list as well. You see, Walters is one of Texas’ 100 best geography students in grades four through eight. On March 30, she’ll face-off against the other 99 to see who’s number one.

Walters’ road to the State Geography Bee began with a competition against her peers. Earning Byrd Middle School’s top score on a written exam, she advanced to the state-qualifying test. The Duncanville ISD eighth grader found out that she was also one of the top 100 scorers on that exam right before Spring Break. “At first I almost didn’t believe it,” she said. “I knew I had, but it almost felt like too much for me to accomplish. I was really, really excited.”

The State Geography Bee is being held in Bedford, beginning with several preliminary rounds and culminating with an on-stage faceoff of the top ten contestants. The eventual winner will then advance to national competition. Walters knows that the road to nationals will be a tough one. She’s optimistic, but also said, “My brother competed in the State Geography Bee last year and didn’t make the top ten. He’s smarter than me.”

Studying on a daily basis with online tests and fun games her family has set-up around the house, Walters is ready for the competition. “I don’t like being behind, so I’m motivated to do well,” she said. “Even if I don’t make it to the top ten, I will enjoy being around the best from the state and learning from them.”

story from the Duncanville ISD Friday Informer