When I Grow Up

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Thanks to positive school and community relationships, , approximately thirty local professionals volunteered their time to share career information with students at the annual Reed Middle School Career Fair on Friday, December 7. Professions represented included attorneys, architects, engineers, electronics, entrepreneurs, actors, funeral directors, and many more. Seventh and eighth grade students spent the day travelling from room to room to hear presentations from all of Reed’s guests.

careerfairTeacher Brandy Grother looks forward to the Career Fair each year, and feels it opens up worlds of opportunities for her students. “I’ve had several students who had never even thought about entering the medical field, meet nurses here at Reed and really become interested in that kind of work.” Eighth grade student Ty’Rekk Osby was particularly interested in the presentation by two civil engineers with the Texas Department of Transportation, and asked questions about how they design bridges to be structurally sound. “They explained that you have to know how to use formulas, all kinds of math and English, to communicate plans clearly in an engineering job.” TXDot staffers Brandon Bowie and Jason Mashell told students that the secret to impressing future employers, for public engineering works or private firms, is paying close attention in class right now. “Everything they’re learning at this age, especially in math, they will continue using not only as they pursue an engineering degree, but also while working in my industry.”

Duncanville ISD middle and high school campuses, along with many elementary and intermediate schools, hold annual career fairs to help encourage student interest in different professions and career opportunities as they plan for their futures.

originally posted in the Duncanville ISD Friday Informer