Voicemail from Auditor Raises Concern with Some

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MyDuncanville.com has received copies of voicemails left by CPA Fraud Examiner Sandy Alexander to developer Monte Anderson.

At the time of publishing, the dates for the phone calls are unknown, but the tone of the messages is unmistakable.

The Duncanville City Council/Duncanville Community and Economic Development Corporation (DCEDC) are at odds with Monte Anderson/Mara, Inc. regarding the limited partnership between the two in the Main Station Duncanville project.

According to sources close to the situation, Alexander was contracted by the DCEDC to perform an audit of the Main Station project. MyDuncanville.com filed an Open Records Request with the City of Duncanville for a copy of the report from the auditor on the morning of July 26, 2012.

The source also stated that Anderson had received a demand letter from the City, notifying him that he was removed as the general partner and demanded all keys, lease agreements and other documents be given to Don Freeman, President of the DCEDC and City Council Representative from District 1. At the time of this article, Anderson is still in control of the property.

The first voicemail at 1:45 on Tuesday afternoon and it is apparently a phone call seeking basic information as Alexander identifies himself, states he does not have any examination questions.

The second voicemail is on Wednesday morning at 7:45AM. Alexander identifies and asks Anderson if he still wants to “settle” this matter and Alexander states that he spoke with the law firm “last night”, and the City Council, and he has the authorization to talk “directly” about it. He goes on and asks for copies of the paperwork sent to the city, and Alexander mentions that he wants to talk about “the other properties” as well.

The third voicemail is unknown what day, but is at 8:50 “or so”.  He refers to having talked to Anderson the previous day, and then directs Anderson to start answering his cell phone. The message then turns ugly as Alexander tells Anderson that he was tired of the “b*** sh**” and then says “pardon my French, but it is b*** sh**.”

When MyDuncanville.com filed the open records request, we also asked for a comment from the city about the voicemails, and included a link to all three of them.

We asked specifically if and when was the auditor given authorization to negotiate and settle on behalf of the DCEDC and the City of Duncanville as stated in voicemail #2? When did the City Council discuss to give him authorization to negotiate and settle on behalf of the DCEDC and the City of Duncanville, as he states in voicemail #2 he talked with the attorney and the council and has been give authorization to discuss directly with Anderson? What other properties is the auditor speaking of in voicemail #2 when he states that “also the other properties”?

It is known that the council discussed this action in Executive Session at the last council meeting on July 17, 2012 and assume that is the Tuesday the first voicemail was left, and the other voicemails were left over the next few days.

We also asked that in reference voicemail #3, does the city have a response regarding the language, and the threatening and condescending tone Alexander used to a Duncanville business owner.

We also asked if the city has any statement about the entire situation surrounding the audit.

The City was informed that some reply would need to be made by 3PM on Thursday afternoon as the article would be finalized and released that evening. MyDuncanville.com waited until Friday morning to release the article and no comment was received from the City of Duncanville. The request was sent to City Manager Dan O’Leary and Assistant City Manager Jeanne Fralicks-Heard, as well as PIO Claudia Garibay and City Secretary Lisa Palombo. We did receive an automated response that Fralicks-Heard was out-of-town.

All parties are still waiting the court hearing on the Petition for Interpleader filed by Ralph Isenberg, co-owner of YaYa Foot Spa. The case was filed with the Dallas County District Clerk on Monday, July 23, 2012.