Vehicle Burglary: Don’t Be A Statistic

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Burglary of a Motor Vehicle (BMV) is a crime of opportunity. You, as a citizen, can help reduce the  opportunity of being a victim by taking part of a real simple program called HIDE/LOCK/TAKE:  hide your belongings, lock your vehicle, and take your keys. If you follow these steps you will reduce the risk of being a victim of car burglary.

The HIDE/LOCK/TAKE program targets areas that have a number of parking spaces, for example shopping centers, workout facilities, apartment complexes, large businesses and hotels. But this  program does not only work at these locations, it also works at your home.

Criminals do not care about you or your property, nor are they concerned about damaging or destroying the property that you have worked so hard for.

A number of vehicle burglaries are Chevy and Ford trucks, where burglars are jimming the door handle to access them. Luckly, some devices are available to help prevent this.

BMV is an increasing crime in the United States, it is up you, the citizens, to remove the opportunity from the criminals. If you don’t provide the opportunity you reduce the odds of being a victim  of the crime.

Additional precautions to consider include:

  • Keeping a list of your property including brand name, serial numbers, and model numbers of items you routinely carry in your vehicle so if you forget to take something out  you will have the information to assist with recovery.
  • Parking in a well lit area close to the building. While parking in an isolated spot may reduce door dings, a criminal looks for cars parked out of the way in order to help ensure less attention is drawn to them.

For information on the theft deterrent devices, Hide/Lock/Take program, or to get involved in the program through assisting with signs contact: Officer Doug Sisk (972) 780-5027.