Unauthorized Use of Dumpsters

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Let’s say you’ve splurged and purchased a new living room sofathat will be delivered Monday. But today is Saturday, and to make room for the new sofa you have to find a place to get rid of the old one. How about the dumpster behind the grocery store down the street? DON’T DO IT!

January-2013-Champion-UpdatSection 10-7(g) of Duncanville’s Code of Ordinance states “It shall be unlawful and an offense for any person to place trash, garbage, debris or brush into a commercial dumpster on property owned or controlled by others.” The only exception is when the owner or person in control of the dumpster has given permission for its use by another.

You can dispose of large objects, even furniture and major appliances, the same way that you dispose of household trash: by placing them at your regular pickup point by 7.00am on collection day. If an item is too big to be placed in the trash truck, a special pickup will be arranged by the City’s refuse contractor. The only refuse that cannot be removed by the City is
construction debris, which must be disposed of at the Skyline Landfill in Ferris.

If you have further questions or concerns, call Jessica Smith at the City’s Service Center, 972-780-4946.