UIL Executive Committee Hands Down Discipline in Duncanville-DeSoto Incident

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The Texas UIL Executive Committee met Tuesday afternoon to discuss the fight that broke out during the last meeting of the DeSoto and Duncanville boys basketball teams, and discuss any possible discipline in conjunction with the incident.

The posted agenda stated that the committee would be considering penalties for violations of Section 50(a)(3) Student Violations, Section 51(b)(1) School District Personnel Violations, and Section 52(b) UIL School Violations.

The violations were for failing to comply with rules prohibiting interactions with officials, judges or referees (verbal or physical abuse), or fighting with opponents; Student Violations by failing to comply with the Athletic Code, Athletic Code for Coaches, Music Code, Spring Meet Code or One-Act Play Code; and school violations of Violations of UIL rules: Failing to comply with the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules, when not in conflict with State Board of Education rules or regulations. 

The committee had called the involved students, DeSoto coach Chris Dyer, Duncanville coach Corey Chism, and representatives from both school districts to be in attendance at the meeting.

A press release by the UIL stated that: “In addition to the penalties and suspensions issued by school administration and the District Executive Committee, DeSoto head basketball coach Chris Dyer and Duncanville head basketball coach Corey Chism were both issued two years probation, and a public reprimand for their involvement in an altercation between the two teams. Both teams were issued two years probation and a public reprimand.”

It has not been confirmed, but MyDuncanville.com has also learned that eight players, four from each team, were already disciplined by their school districts and DeSoto voluntarily forfeited their final 2 regular-season games. Duncanville will not be facing any game forfeitures.

Neither school has released the exact number of the individual player game suspensions, but DeSoto did release earlier that one player had been permanently suspended from the program.

Duncanville ISD did release the following statement, “Duncanville ISD appreciates the UIL State Executive Committee’s due diligence in ruling on this sensitive set of circumstances. Our district’s leadership agrees with the committee that such incidents are not acceptable. We appreciate the committee upholding the district’s discipline for our players. Moving forward, we are committed to developing and implementing a plan with players and coaches to prevent future incident.”

The top four teams in district 7-6A are: Duncanville (11-2), DeSoto (11-2), South Grand Prairie (10-3) and Cedar Hill (7-6). Both teams will be entering postseason play after the tonight’s final games.

Duncanville will be taking on 3-10 Grand Prairie High at 7:30 p.m. tonight at home in the Sandra Meadows Arena, while South Grand Prairie and DeSoto will both be moving to 11-3 with the DeSoto forfeiture.