Theft Prevention Tips for Shoppers

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From the Duncanville Police Department – Duncanville Champion

There are groups and individuals that target older women while shopping to steal their purses or wallets. Some just walk by and reach into purses while the person is not paying attention while others work as a team, one will distract while the other steals the wallet or purse. Individuals should always be aware of their surroundings.

Follow these tips to reduce the threat of theft or identity theft:

  • When shopping, do not leave purses or bags unattended in shopping carts. It only takes a split second for a thief to walk by, remove the bag and flee undetected.
  • Shoppers should keep their bags or purses on their person and zipped or snapped shut.
  • When paying for merchandise, be wary of openly displaying checkbooks or credit cards, as they contain vital financial information that identity thieves can write down or photograph with smart phones. If paying with cash, avoid openly displaying the contents of your wallet.
  • When approaching a vehicle to load purchases, individuals should keep at least one hand free to open trunk or doors. While loading packages, one should not leave handbags or purses unattended.
  • To eliminate drawing unwanted attention to contents in a vehicle while doing additional shopping, conceal any packages or bags so they are not visible.
  • Don’t set purses on the floor in restrooms, theaters, restaurants, or other public areas.
  • Women should carry their handbags next to their body with the flap or clasp toward their body