“The Power of One”

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Empowering students to know what to do in a bullying situation and even recognizing what bullying looks like – that’s what counselors at Smith Elementary hoped to teach students with a recent school-wide anti-bullying program. “Especially at the elementary level, the students may not know their actions or words are considered bullying until you tell them.  To them, it’s just ‘playing’.”  Counselor Danielle Townsend explains the need to address bullying at an early age and help decrease student conflicts at the secondary level.

Bullying-1-Speakers with Soren Bennick Productions visited the campus on February 1 to share with students their performance “The Power of One.”  The presentation explained what bullying consists of, what it looks like, and what students can do to stop it.  “I think the most beneficial part of the performance was for students to be able to see the speakers demonstrate the different roles in bullying – the target, the bully, and the bystander,” said Townsend.  She believes that programs like this, teaching youngsters  to value the feelings and safety of each of their classmates at an early age, will encourage healthier relationships for students as they mature.