The Budget’s Approved, But What Does the Future Look Like?

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During the past five years, Duncanville ISD has strengthened its reputation as a Texas school district with exceptional financial integrity.  The Board of Trustees and superintendent Dr. Alfred Ray have worked hard to meet the challenges of the state’s decision to drastically cut education funding, reduce the maximum tax rate that school districts can set, and increase the number of unfunded state mandates. Despite these difficulties, the district has earned numerous financial recognition awards, including theTexas Comptroller Leadership Circle Gold Star Award, the Best Financial Performance in Texas – Education Resource Group Rating, and a ninth consecutive Superior rating by the Texas Schools FIRST financial accountability system.

This year’s approved budget includes another year of state funding cuts, which amounts to nearly $2 million for the 2012-13 Duncanville ISD fiscal year.  Continued state funding reductions will impact and limit the district’s ability to add new technology resources to classrooms.  Duncanville ISD spent the last of its Technology Bond funds last spring to provide upgraded laptops for all teachers. This year’s budget does not include any funding for additional technology improvements; we feel that if the district had access to the recent $2 million reduction by the state, investments could be made in this area that would greatly benefit our students.

One reason Duncanville ISD joined hundreds of other districts in the Thompson & Horton School Finance litigation (now being referred to as the Fort Bend ISD Group) is to voice our support for an adequate and equitable school funding system that meets the needs of all Texas students.  Providing adequate funding for all students, regardless of where they live, is critical to the future success of Texas. Duncanville ISD elected to join this particular lawsuit because it is the only one of the five that have been filed against the state that represents the largest cross-section of Texas students and includes small, mid-size, and large districts. This group is more representative of the stare as a whole than any other suit filed. Learn more about the Thompson & Horton School Finance Litigation suit at

The district’s ability to navigate through these tough times can be attributed to the leadership of the Board of Trustees and the support of the community. Careful planning, forecasting, and strategic decision making have positioned the District to be able to meet a number of goals that directly benefit students.

The 2012-13 adopted budget includes allocation of funds to fulfill the 2012 Board Goals, tackle much-needed capital improvements and repairs, staff raises, and a one-time retention bonus that focuses on retaining highly qualified teachers.  These are signs of our district’s continued ability to stretch Duncanville ISD taxpayer funds, doing more with less.

One Response to The Budget’s Approved, But What Does the Future Look Like?

  1. The change that America has endured over that last four years has resulted in the long term unemployment of 23 million taxpayers and there is no end to this in sight.

    No one knows how many of those millions live here in Duncanville but it seems to me that those who do would be less than sympathetic to the idea of DISD spending their tax dollars on litigation for the purpose of overruling the Texas Legislature and extracting still more tax dollars from their severely shrinking pocketbooks.

    Perhaps Duncanville’s share of the legal fees required for the litigation might be better spend on an efficiency expert who could assist the district in discovering innovative ways to live within its diminishing means…like nearly all of its taxpayers are being forced to do.

    Just a friendly suggestion.


    Steve Madison
    Saturday, September 1, 2012 at 3:43 pm