Thanks to our School Board Members

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January 2013 is School Board Recognition Month, and we’re blessed to have an outstanding group of leaders in Duncanville ISD. “They selflessly give of themselves to ensure that decisions directly affecting our local schools are made by representatives of this community,” said Superintendent Dr. Alfred Ray. “In these challenging times, they face difficult choices and shoulder critical responsibilities.”

boardA vital link between the community and the classroom, Duncanville ISD school board members are responsible for an annual budget of $85 million for a district with 13,250 students, 1700 staff members, and 18 campuses. They face many difficult challenges and hard decisions, voluntarily tackling the enormous job of governing our district in an effort to affect the present and future lives of our children. We would like to take the time to thank these community servants for their hard work and dedication to the overall goal of promoting student achievement.

Members of the Duncanville ISD Board of Trustees are President Tom Kennedy, Vice President Louis McElroy, Secretary Marshal Wesley, and trustees Carla Fahey, Phil McNeely, Marlies Peregory, and Janice Savage-Martin. Click HERE to learn more about the Board of Trustees.