Teacher Hopes to Bring Home Real World Lessons

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Jerry Lozier

Duncanville High School instructor Jerry Lozier is no stranger to teaching students the basic principles of supply and demand. His goal for the past eight years has been to find engaging ways to teach economics to high school students. He wants to make sure DHS graduates know how to earn and keep a good credit score, understand what compounding interest means, and – most importantly – how to manage their own finances. He hopes the knowledge he gains at this year’s Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference, sponsored by the Council for Economic Education, will give him and fellow Duncanville ISD educators more resources to teach personal financial literacy.

Lozier is one of ten Texas educators to receive scholarships for the cost of the conference, which will be held in Kansas City, Missouri October 4-6.   Laura Ewing, president of the Texas Council for Economic Education, believes Jerry and other attendees will take home important ideas from the conference. “The National Council for Economic Education Conference will especially accent how to teach financial literacy to students in grades K to 12. The teachers will hear speakers and receive training on different hands-on strategies and lessons on world-relevant concepts and issues.  The result will be students with life-long lessons on how to be more responsible consumers, savers, producers, and voters.”

Lozier points out that this year the Texas Education Agency has added components of personal financial literacy to the list of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills that students must acquire.  He plans to share information from the conference with his DHS colleagues through departmental meetings, as well as coordinating with David Williams, the district’s secondary English/Language Arts/Social Studies coordinator to bring new Economics components to Project Based Learning strategies in classrooms across the district at various grade levels.

For more information about the Conference and the Council for Economic Education, click here.