Summer Nutrition Programs

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The Summer Food Service Program contracts sponsors such as school districts, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCAs, and summer camps to administer the program and provide food to feeding sites. Feeding sites serve food to children. Community partners help with outreach, volunteers, and activities.

The Seamless Summer Program option enables schools to continue to operate the National School Lunch Program during the summer months. Both programs address hunger and healthy eating to benefit the well-being of Texas’ children.

Everyone Wins!

  • Children receive nutritious meals at no charge.
  • Parents stretch food dollars and know that their children are receiving healthy meals in a supportive environment.
  • Food service workers are employed during the summer months.
  • Organizations receive funds to provide meals to complement already scheduled programs, such as day camps, sports activities and tutoring sessions.
  • Communities provide safe places for children at summer feeding sites.
  • Sponsors, such as school districts, provide food and employ workers while providing a safe place for children.