Summer is Coming to the Duncanville Fieldhouse

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City of Duncanville – It has been an exciting couple of months at the Duncanville Fieldhouse, and it shows no signs of letting up any time soon as preparations for Summer are being made.

New partnerships have brought 360 Cycle – Ride or Die and Mobile Recovery Station to the Fieldhouse. Both programs add unique fitness and wellness services for visiting athletes, neighboring communities and the citizens of Duncanville.

“At 360 Cycle, we are not just about giving you an ‘out of this world’ workout,” said Coach Clarence Nevels, founder of 360 Performance, 360 Volleyball and his new indoor cycling studio. “Our mission is to have you walk out of our doors a different person than how you walked in. The 360 Cycle team is passionate about equipping you with the tools to achieve your goals!”

360 Cycle Studio is already offering a growing class schedule including Hip-Hop X-Treme and AMPD@Night, which are open to the public. More classes will be added to the schedule in the coming weeks and months with multiple daily offerings coming soon. Their schedule can be found:

Advanced Neuromuscular Performance & Physical Therapy, the company behind the Mobile Recovery Station, will be providing cryotherapy, which speeds recovery, Normatec to improve circulation and reduce muscle soreness, and Athletic Cupping for managing chronic and acute pain.

“We are excited to bring cryotherapy, Normatec and cupping to the Duncanville Fieldhouse with our Mobile Recovery Station,” said Katavi Jones, Chief Operating Officer of Advanced Neuromuscular Performance & Physical Therapy. “This is an incredible opportunity for us to help athletes, parents, coaches and members of the greater Duncanville community train and recover like a pro.”

The Mobile Recovery Station will begin treating clients on tournament weekends. Their bookings are open to event attendees and anyone who seeks to experience the benefits of these treatment modalities. Appointments can be made in advance by calling 817.697.5046 or emailing them at

Registration for Metro S.A.F.E. Camp 2018 is opened April 2. Camp will begin June 4 and end July 27. As in previous years, campers will have opportunities to enjoy activities like cooking, drums, crazy gym games, a video game camp, field trips and much more. Coach Pearson, the camp coordinator, is looking to create a summer of experiences, activities and fun for the children who attend.

The new Interim After School program seeks to bridge the few short weeks between Summer Camp’s last day and the first days of school. Coach Pearson and Kelly Williams, DFH After School Program Facilitator, will join forces to provide children with fun and educational activities to fill their days until school starts. It will bring together the philosophies of both Williams and Pearson, who seek to uplift, encourage and inspire youth.

The coming months also promise many events, basketball, volleyball and martial arts tournaments, which are also open to the public. Big events like the Great American Shootout, Under Armour Association Session 1 and the Dallas Mavericks Elite Basketball Camp are just some of the events fans of sports will have an opportunity to witness first hand.

The Duncanville Fieldhouse is much more than just a gym. It is a place where men, women and children find fun, fitness, sports and community.

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