Students at One School Swing In To the New Year

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Not all students would get a turn before recess was over, to play on the small, antiquated swing set that was older than most of them.  Now, brand-new playground equipment sits in its place at Merrifield Elementary, with more swings and even a safety fall zone.  Principal Linda Bennett says the upgrade is due to the diligence of the school’s Parent/Teacher Association.

“I am extremely proud and honored to have been able to work with the PTA board members over the last two years,” says Bennett. “Their focus and dedication to the students, staff, and families has been commendable, and continues to be so.  We appreciate their hard work and commitment, and on behalf of all staff at Merrifield, I wish to say how much I appreciate them and thank them for their service and support of all of us at Merrifield.”

The Merrifield group of volunteers held numerous fundraisers over a two-year period, including an event with Spring Creek Barbecue, a fall carnival, book fairs, snack sales at musicals, selling World’s Finest Chocolate bars, and even membership drives – all to raise more than $6,000 for the equipment.  Their involvement and support of Merrifield playground needs allows precious school budget dollars to be re-allocated for classroom use. The group hopes to continue to serve their school, with plans to raise funds to purchase stationary playground games like a basketball goal and some smaller jungle gym play sets for younger children in the near future.