Sports Figures Inspire DHS Students

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From the sideline at Cowboys Stadium to the stage at Duncanville High School, three Dallas Cowboys players spoke to students on November 15. The motivational assembly was made possible through the campus’s partnership with The Turn Around Agenda mentoring program and Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. “They expressed an interest in hosting a presentation at DHS, and we were in need of an assembly for our sophomores,” explained Executive Principal Mike Chrietzberg. “Other grade levels have heard from teachers and inspirational speakers like Tory Gant. It really fit the need for talking to our sophomores about being leaders, doing what’s right, and striving for success.”

According to The Turn Around Agenda’s website, they provide presentations as a service to “bring public awareness to the social, health, economic, and spiritual challenges faced by our community. In addition, these events are designed to eliminate negative social norms in the community by instilling hope and pride in the people we serve as well as accentuating the positives in the community.” During the DHS assembly, Cowboys quarterback Jon Kitna, guard Derrick Dockery, and wide receiver Jesse Holley encouraged students to follow their dreams and take advantage of every opportunity. “When you get into high school, you start to forget what you dreamed about growing up – when you felt like you could be anything you wanted to be,” commented Kitna. “But I’m a product of dreams. To me, it’s never about the guy who’s the most talented, it’s about the person who has persevered the most.” “We’re all products of great teachers,” Dockery added.  “People believed in us, and you have to believe in yourselves. Whatever you set your mind to you can do it.”  Holley ended by telling students, “Despite where you come from and the things that you may have gone through, opportunities are out there for you. If you’re willing to take on that challenge each and every day, anything is possible.”

Sophomores responded well to the players’ messages, cheering and clapping after each. “This was a great opportunity for our school,” commented Chrietzberg. “The Cowboys did really well. I enjoyed the variety of their messages and appreciated their consideration for our students.” The sports figures graciously posed for pictures with their fans and signed autographs.