Special Meeting Action: DCEDC Places Themselves as Managing General Partner of Main Station.

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In a special called meeting of the Duncanville Community and Economic Development Corporation on Saturday afternoon at 2PM. The newly formed board is made up of council members, Don Freeman, Leslie Thomas, Mark Cooks, and Mayor Deborah Hodge.

The first action taken by the new board was the election of officers. On a motion by Thomas, with second my Thomas, Don Freeman was elected as President by a 4-0 vote. After a brief discussion about additional officers, Hodge was nominated vice-president by Thomas and Cooks seconded. Hodge was elected by a 4-0 vote. Thomas was elected by a 4-0 vote as secretary. Cooks declined nomination to any officer position.

The next item on the agenda was scheduled to be to discuss, consider and act on removal, notice and replacement authorized by section 11.7.B. and C. of the agreement of limited partnership for Main Station Duncanville, Ltd. Before this agenda item could be called, Thomas moved to postpone this item until after executive session to receive legal advice from the city attorney.

At 2:08PM, the board moved into executive session.

During the executive session, Gayle Sliger and other citizens in attendance questioned City Manager Dan O’Leary on the actions of the council in removing the former DCEDC and why the Duncanville Chamber of Commerce was not represented on the board, as it has been in the past.

“I assure you that they believe what they are doing is trying to protect taxpayer money,” said O’Leary.

Sliger then questioned O’Leary, “and if the taxpayers don’t believe that, what do they do, vote them out the next time around?”

“The reason they are moving quickly, if you notice, they call a meeting as soon as they possibly could legally after they formed the new board. And what they are doing, and item they are about to vote on, is a move to try to put the city in the best position to protect your tax money, bottom line,” says O’Leary.

The meeting was called back into regular session at 3:06PM.

At that time, Cooks made the motion to for O’Leary and the city attorney to take the actions necessary to place the DCEDC as the general partner with Main Station, Ltd., and take the steps to remove and give notice to Monte Anderson and Options Realty that they are being replaced by the DCEDC as the general partner.

Freeman asked is this meant that all keys and the day-to-day operation of Main Station should be turned over to the DCEDC and if Options Realty and Monte Anderson should not be contacting the lease holders of the property, and the city attorney responded that was correct.

A tenant attended and asked that since rent was due on August 1, what they needed to do. They were told by the city attorney to continue payment as they normally had until they notified differently.

After the meeting, O’Leary asked if the DCEDC would be taking on the day-to-day operation of Main Station and he said that the DCEDC would be contracting with a management company to handle those duties. He also stated that Monte Anderson could have a different opinion of the actions taken by the DCEDC.

Representation from Options Realty, or Monte Anderson, was not in attendance at the meeting, and a request for comment has been sent to them. When we receive additional comments, we will update the story.