Special Joint City Council/DCEDC Meeting Recap

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Duncanville Fieldhouse 1700 S. Main Street, Duncanville, Texas 75137


 Joint meeting with the Duncanville Community & Economic Development Corporation to discuss the vision and work plan FY 2011-2012.

  • Grady Smithey (council) gave an update on the road projections as they effected economic development.
  • Don Freeman (council) asked about the financial situation of the 4B Board
  • Jack Coleman (4B) stated that the money from the Dallas Stars had come in.
  • Janet Harris (council) encouraged the 4B Board to be open to assisting businesses and to work with staff to not turn businesses away.
  • Coleman (4B) discussed the steps that a business takes with the city staff to submit a proposal.
  • Harris (council) asked the board to not just give money away, and to be fair and open-minded.
  • David Green (mayor) stated that the council appoints the board and it is the board’s responsibility to negotiate and send recommendations to the council.
  • Coleman (4B) stated that the board takes the info and then forwards recommendations to the council when they feel it is appropriate.
  • Freeman (council) stated that he has been told that it is hard to do start a business in Duncanville and asks if there is a packet to walk businesses through the steps of getting started.
  • Green (mayor) answered that there are guidelines, but because of the unique nature of each business, it would be difficult to have a packet. He stated that they do refer businesses to SCORE (the Small Business Administration) for assistance. Green also stated that an Economic Development Director would be of huge assistance in this effort.
  • Smithey (council) stated that from looking at the agenda and minutes of the 4B Board that too much time is spent looking back at history and not moving forward.
  • Wendy Nalls (4B) asked for clarification from the council where 4B goals don’t lineup with council goals for 2012.
  • Smithey (council) reminded the board that there are two parts to the board’s priorities; economic development and community development.
  • Scott Cannon (council) asked that the board revisit buying new books for the library, that with the condition of Kidsville deteriorating that the board be a part of significant funding for whatever project is needed to replace it, and to look into improvements at the amphitheatre. He also urged the board to address the immediate staffing need of an interim Economic Development Director and to find a permanent replacement. Also stated that another meeting with the Gateway Planning group that originally designed the Main Street Vision that included the 4B board, council and planning & zoning might be needed.  Cannon also urged the 4B board to visit the citizen survey that was recently completed.
  • Tracy Shook (4B) stated he would like to see the council and city do a better job of educating the business owner regarding assistance that is available.
  • Cannon (council) urged that board that during this time that they should be supporting and promoting smaller efforts, like Dias De Duncanville and other grass root efforts to promote small and home-based businesses. He also encouraged a partnership with Duncanville High School in holding a panel discussion regarding repositioning and how the city can better do what they do.
  • Tommy Rains (4B) was glad that staffing was mentioned and wanted to know how the council wanted to proceed.
  • Leslie Thomas (council) urged the board to look at smaller consultants to bridge the gap in staffing and to begin talks among the board to develop what they expect of an Economic Development Director.
  • Ann Hubener (4B) brought up the Duncanville Fieldhouse and its current financial situation.
  • Jeanne Fralicks-Heard (Interim City Manager) stated that is an agenda item later during the meeting.
  • Green (mayor) reminded the board that the Economic Development Director is responsible to the City Manager, but works for the board.
  • Coleman (4B) stated that in the interim, any board member is authorized to hold discussions with prospective businesses and that staff would take initial information and forward to the board and that, the board was to look forward.
  • Deborah Hodge (4B) stated that since the board was made up of new members it was necessary to look at history and to look at the contracts that were entered into by the board so that they could be enforced and hold all parties accountable.
  • Smithey (council) said that the board needed to enforce the contracts, but use some intelligence to keep things moving forward and not to “nitpick”.
  • Green (mayor) discussed the contract with Monte Anderson regarding Main Station and Toshio’s.
  • Hubener (4B) inquired if the council or the board hires the City Manager.
  • The council stated that they would discuss on how to move forward with the hiring of an Economic Development Director and would get back to the board.

Receive presentation from Monte Anderson and discuss partnerships and projects related to the redevelopment of Main Street and the Downtown Duncanville District.

  • Anderson gave a presentation regarding his business, developments in Duncanville and other cities and reiterated that he wants to partner with the board and the city, if they wanted to partner with him. Discussions proceeded about bicycle lanes, and how to better relations between Anderson, the board, and the council.

Receive and discuss DCEDC budget status report.

  • Budget discussions centered on the Fieldhouse and the amount of money needed to keep going. Competition from other cities, and damaged relations with vendors and customers from the former owners were cited as areas of concerns. An attempt was made to find a marketing agency to assist with marketing the Fieldhouse, but they have been unable to find a qualified agency. The council gave approval to move forward with finding an agency to assist with finding a partner for the facility, including possible naming rights, and to work at marketing the Fieldhouse.

Recess into Executive Session pursuant to G.C. Section 551.071, Consultation with City Attorney, regarding Cause No. 1100177632, Community Bank v. City of Duncanville, et al.

  • The 4B Board and Council voted unanimously to not settle with Community Bank.

Consider any action necessary pursuant to discussion in Executive Session.

  • Nothing additional

Discuss and consider approval of a DCEDC expenditure in the amount of $4,855 for advertisement in the Best Southwest edition of Business Images.

  • 4B Board voted 6-1 to not approve the expenditure. At this time, the 4B Board moved to another room to continue their meeting.

Recess into Executive Session pursuant to G.C. Section 551.074, Personnel Matters, regarding Code of Ethics complaints filed by Nancy Bell and Homer Fincannon.

  • Discussions were held in open meeting at the request of the council members named in the complaint. The attorney gave her opinion that the qualification of what was submitted was sufficient for a complaint and that the council could hold a hearing at their next meeting.

Discuss and consider future agendas and Workshops.

  • A workshop on the Travel Policy and Council Code of Ethics was scheduled for February 2, 2012. Councilmember Jameson reminded those in attendance that she had asked for these items to be subjects of a workshop.