Special City Council Meeting Recap – November 14, 2011

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Duncanville City Council
Meeting Agenda
Monday, November 14, 2011
Special Meeting – 7:00PM
Briefing Room, City Hall
203 E. Wheatland Road


Meeting called to order at 7:02pm.  At the time the meeting was called to order for the city council. The Planning & Zoning Commission did not have a quorum present so the council began the meeting with agenda item # 3 as another member of the P&Z was on their way.

  1. Joint Meeting with the Planning & Zoning Commission to discuss the City Council’s vision and work plan for FY 11-12.
    At 7:15PM the Planning and Zoning Commission was called to order. The main point that the council wished to discuss with P&Z was the wish to make Duncanville more “bike friendly” and appealing to a younger demographic. The P&Z members believe that Duncanville should play to its strengths; parks, being bike friendly, schools, and the sense of community. Grady Smithey stated that the city should look to finish out the road grid system. 
  2. Joint Meeting with the Planning & Zoning Commission to discuss possible amendments to Appendix A, Article A, Article XII-L, “DD” Downtown Duncanville District, of the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance.
    This discussion centered around the Downtown District and if the council should form a new board to discuss Downtown District zoning and possible exceptions needed. Mayor David Green pointed out that the Downtown District was based upon “form based zoning” which is opposite of the traditional zoning the P&Z does now. The P&Z Commission feels that they have the necessary tools to take this on and that the commission is not busy at this time and would be willing to undergo the training and help with the zoning of the Downtown District. An ordinance setting the P&Z Commission to hear any appeals will be on a future agenda and training is being setup for both the council and the commission. All business with the P&Z Commission was completed and they adjourned at 7:39pm. (to item #4) 
  3. Discuss adoption of 2009 building codes and impact on backflow prevention inspection requirements.
    Discussion centered on inspection of the backflow prevention inspections and that the city had reduced from annual inspections to every other year. Other cities in the area (Lancaster, Cedar Hill, & Richardson) do not inspect residential systems. According to city staff Greg Contreras unless the residential system uses a chemical injection system are not deemed potentially hazardous. But, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is requiring annual inspections.  Give that cities around us and others similar in size are opting to not inspect residential systems, Duncanville will continue to inspect every other year and possible look to every third year. (back to item #1) 
  4. Discuss Main Street Ribbon Cutting.
    The ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of the newly redesigned Main Street will be conducted along with the Christmas Parade on December 2nd. Details are being worked out on the event. 
  5. Discuss interlocal agreement with Dallas County regarding motor vehicle registration.
    Dallas County will be contracting with a service provider to collect outstanding warrants and red light fees when the vehicle is registered annually. If the vehicle is flagged for outstanding red light tickets, or municipal citations, then the vehicle cannot be registered until the fees are paid. Currently Duncanville has $4.8 million in outstanding red light tickets to vehicles registered in Dallas County. If the city was to enter into this agreement with Dallas County, the current firm would not be used for collections. Councilmember Leslie Thomas stated that she was against this because she believed the red light cameras were unconstitutional. The agreement will be placed on the agenda in the second meeting in January for discussion and vote. 
  6. Discuss neighborhood sign policy.
    Councilmember Scott Cannon asked this to be placed for discussion. Cannon proposed allowing the different neighborhoods to place “sign toppers” on street signs to designate neighborhoods at a 50/50 cost split between the neighborhoods and the City. Thomas proposed a 100% cost to the neighborhood.  Councilmember Johnette Jameson stated that she thought this was silly and was not interested in this. Cannon will put a proposal together for the council to discuss and vote upon at a future meeting. 
  7. Discuss building sense of community.
    This item went along with item #6. 
  8. Discuss “bike friendly” city.
    The council discussed the need to make Duncanville more bicycle friendly. Denton was pointed out as a city that had adopted an ordinance that, along with other related items, requires cars and light trucks to be at least 3 feet away from a bicycle when passing, and heavy trucks must stay 6 feet away. You can see the ordinance here. The decision was made that city staff should create a proposal for bike lanes and ultimately a master plan for creating bike paths and bicycle lanes. 
  9. Discuss 2011 Citizen Survey
    City Manager Kent Cagle pointed out that this was a scientific survey and that the results could be used for information on how the citizens felt about Duncanville, that it could be used as a budgeting tool, and assists in planning. One of the biggest complaints in the last survey was customer service, and the city staff had taken that to heart and worked on that complaint. A full copy of the survey results was requested and will be posted as soon as it is received. 
  10. Review FY 10-11 work plan and develop FY11-12 plan.
    Discussion was held about the current work plan and develop the plan for FY11-12. A complete plan will be presented at a future council meeting. 
  11. Discuss and take possible action regarding the addition of Dorothy Wolverton to the Keep Duncanville Beautiful Board.
    Thomas requested this on the agenda. She wanted to get the exact order of events into the minutes. 

One Response to Special City Council Meeting Recap – November 14, 2011

  1. “Councilmember Johnette Jameson stated that she thought this was silly and was not interested in this.”

    But at other times, Jameson likes to nitpick on the tiniest of miniscule issues.

    Councilmember Jameson: at least be consistent. Either nitpick consistently and call EVERYTHING (including your own ‘silly’ ideas) “silly”, or refrain from the conversation.

    There are some lovely neighborhoods in Duncanville who are trying elevate themselves with these sign toppers. These toppers are common across the country. Are you saying that these signs in Dallas are ‘silly’? What about the ones in San Antonio? Owasso, OK? What about the literally HUNDREDS of smaller and medium-size towns and cities across America who choose to designates neighborhoods with these sign toppers: are they all ‘silly’?

    I think the only ‘silly’ part of this conversation (as usual) is your comment, Councilmember Jameson.

    Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at 8:22 am