Special Called Saturday Meeting of the Duncanville Community and Economic Development Corporation

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The “new” Duncanville Community and Economic Development Corporation did not take long to spring into action.

At 2PM on Wednesday, July 18, an agenda for a Saturday special meeting of the DCEDC was posted. The meeting will be held at Duncanville City Hall in the Briefing Room at 2PM on Saturday, July 21. This is within the 72 hours needed to meet the qualifications for the Texas Open Meetings Act.

The meeting agenda is posted on the website on the DECDC page, but it is not listed on the calendar on the city website homepage. The DECDC page does list the regular meeting times of s
econd Wednesday of each month and fourth Wednesday, if needed, but no mention of the Special Called Meeting. This could possibly be on oversight due the late posting on Wednesday and could be added in the coming days.

There are five items on the agenda:

  1. Discuss, consider and act on election of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer for the DCEDC.
  2. Discuss, consider and act on removal, notice and placement authorized by section 11.7.B. and C. of the agreement of limited partnership for Main Station Duncanville, Ltd.
  3. Recess into executive session in compliance with Texas Government Code Section 551.071(1) and (2) to meet with the city attorney regarding Main Station Duncanville, Ltd.
  4. Reconvene into regular session and discuss any item and/or take any action necessary as a result of executive session.
  5. Citizen’s forum.

The Main Station Duncanville, Ltd. Is a partnership between the DCEDC and Monte Anderson of Options Realty.