Smith Students Give the Gift of a Good Night’s Sleep

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Smith students are giving back and helping kids across the country get a good night’s sleep. They’re participating in a service learning project called Nickels for Nets. “I first heard about Nickels for Nets after being a camp counselor this summer,” explained teacher Lisa Treibly. “One of the speakers was from a company called Sweet Sleep, and he travels all year with a group of missionary volunteers, building beds for children who sleep in very undesirable conditions.” Nickels for Nets is a part of Sweet Sleep – $8 provides a malaria-prevention net to go with the beds that are given to orphaned and abandoned children in Africa and Haiti.

According to Sweet Sleep’s website, a child dies from malaria every 30 seconds, and malaria is preventable with the use of mosquito-netting. That’s why Smith Elementary is collecting donations to help purchase as many nets as possible. Each teacher has a collection box, and there is also one in the office. Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate. “I had one student bring a $20 bill,” commented Treibly. “He said his mom thought it was a really good cause, and wanted to help as many children as she could. The boy was beyond excited to turn in his money. He told me, ‘To know that I saved the lives of at least two kids, almost three – Wow!’”

The collection will conclude on February 3, and Treibly’s class will count the donations and contact Sweet Sleep. “We don’t have a running total yet, but with each teacher and student doing his/her part, I can’t help but think we can really make a difference in the lives of these children,” she said. “What an incredible feeling to know you’re giving a child a better tomorrow!”