Seven Lady Patriots Named to NCCAA Central All-Region Teams

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Seven Lady Patriots were named to the NCCAA Central All-Region Teams on Monday, after a record setting 2011 campaign where the team was knocked out in the round of 16 in the NCAA Championship Tournament by Abilene Christian a short time ago.

Freshman goalkeeper Kerry Edwards, junior defender Andrea Hutchins, sophomore defender Baylie Hill, freshman midfielder Lea Sedwick, and senior forward Brittany Layne were all named to the NCCAA Central All-Region First Team.

Senior midfielder Kourtney Edwards was named to the NCCAA Central All-Region Second Team, while freshman defender Jake Cox rounded out the awards with a All-Region Third Team selection.

NCCAA Central All-Region First Team
Name Position Class Institution
Kerry Edwards Goalkeeper Freshman Dallas Baptist
Caitlin Moses Goalkeeper Junior Colorado Christian
Andrea Hutchins Defender Junior Dallas Baptist
Brittany Corona Defender Senior Colorado Christian
Baylie Hill Defender Sophomore Dallas Baptist
Lindsey Neher Defender Senior Mid-America Christian
Lea Sedwick Midfielder Freshman Dallas Baptist
Julia Nimal Midfielder Junior Mid-America Christian
Eden Brown Midfielder Sophomore Oklahoma Wesleyan
Ciara Meredith Midfielder Sophomore Colorado Christian
Brittany Layne Forward Senior Dallas Baptist
Amber Longoria Forward Sophomore Oklahoma Wesleyan
Kassie Bird Forward Junior Mid-America Christian
Libby Storie Forward Sophomore Oklahoma Wesleyan
NCCAA Central All-Region Second Team
Name Position Class Institution
Savannah Longoria Goalkeeper Senior Oklahoma Wesleyan
Melissa Dobie Goalkeeper Junior Mid-America Christian
Denna Sidener Defender Sophomore Oklahoma Wesleyan
Carrie Berzins Defender Junior York College
Bertha Fajardo Defender Senior Mid-America Christian
Kristen Rash Defender Sophomore Central Baptist
Kourtney Edwards Midfielder Senior Dallas Baptist
Nicole Farquar Midfielder Senior Mid-America Christian
Natalie Ventura Midfielder Junior Central Christian
Ashley English Midfielder Junior Central Baptist
Brittany Kemper Forward Junior Central Baptist
Chelsea Swisher Forward Freshman Mid-America Christian
Kristina Powell Forward Freshman Central Christian
Miranda White Forward Sophomore Southwestern Christian
NCCAA Central All-Region Third Team
Name Position Class Institution
Leah Crook Goalkeeper Sophomore Central Baptist
Jordan Veness Goalkeeper Senior York College
Jake Cox Defender Freshman Dallas Baptist
Jessia Powell Defender Junior SAGU
Melissa Schreiner Defender Freshman Central Christian
Erin Dalton Defender Sophomore Colorado Christian
Libby Fulmer Defender Freshman Central Baptist
Krista Hoffer Midfielder Senior Colorado Christian
Daniela Garcia Midfielder Senior SAGU
Lorena Medeiros Midfielder Senior York College
Natalie Pena Midfielder Sophomore SAGU
Alex Meyer Midfielder Sophomore Southwestern Christian
Tera New Forward Senior York College
Kaylee Coffman Forward Sophomore Central Baptist