Reed Students Check Out New Museum

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Reed Middle School’s A Team took their latest adventure to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science on December 10, earning the opportunity to experience science through innovative hands-on activities by achieving superior grades for the second six weeks grading period.

groupshotThe new Perot Museum opened its doors December 1, offering interactive exhibits that captivate visitor interest in science and nature.  Students were enthusiastic in their response to the museum’s many exciting activities, which began with a race against a T-Rex on a video screen.  In the Sports Hall, they pitted their skills against the abilities of famous athletes to kick, throw, and dribble balls while a high-speed camera captured it all on video.

As they walked up the Perot’s impressive staircase, students were surprised to hear the steps singing back to them and quickly began composing their own tunes by jumping from step to step.  Interactive stations on the second floor allowed them to experience tremors during an earthquake, and even face the challenge of designing a structure and testing its ability to withstand the shaking.

As they progressed through the different exhibits that span the five floors of the Perot, the A-Team members came face-to-face with hands-on activities that placed classroom lessons in a realistic environment.  Eight grader Samantha Cruz exclaimed, “I’m going to tell my parents to bring the whole family here!”

The Reed A-Team would like to thank all those who made this unforgettable trip possible.  This program encourages all students to perform at their highest ability in the classroom by rewarding them with spectacular educational adventures.  Businesses or individuals who would like to fund or submit ideas for future adventures may email Andrew Davis or call 972-708-3534.

Information in this article was provided by Reed MS teacher Andrew Davis.