Reed MS Students Learn by Land, Sea, and Air

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Reed Middle School students who earned As in all of their classes for the third six-week grading period were treated to an educational adventure on January 26. The “A-Team” toured the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science and the Love Field Frontiers of Flight Museum.

The first stop of the day was the Museum of Nature and Science, where “Planet Shark, Predator or Prey: The Exhibition” sank students deep into the shark’s realm. There they learned about many different species, including the feared and famed Carcharodon Carcharias. When they were told about the controversy over the consumption of shark fins, student Dwight Taylor exclaimed in awe, “people actually eat these?!”

A-Team members also toured the museum’s permanent exhibits: “Putting DNA to Work,” “Paleontology Lab,” “Texas Dinosaurs,” and a section dedicated to the science of light. They were especially interested in a new exhibit called “Your incredible Body,” which included interactive displays on dieting and caloric intake, microbiology, and the circulatory system as observed through thermal imagery.

After eating a quick lunch, the team left in a hurry because they had a flight to catch at Love Field’s Frontiers of Flight Museum. Upon arrival, students beheld an entire squadron ranging from a Wright Flyer replica to unmanned reconnaissance jets. Many even found themselves lucky enough to sit in the cockpit of a genuine Huey Helicopter, the same model used in the popular video game “Call of Duty: Black Ops.”

Late in the afternoon, Reed’s “A-Team” returned to their first and final class of the day, where they fully realized the success of their efforts and the reward therein. The school would like to thank all those who made this rewarding, hands-on adventure possible. If you or your business would like to offer finacial support, please email or call 972-708-3534.