Red and Blue – Is It In You? Norman Davis

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from the Duncanville ISD Friday Informer

For ten years, five times a year, retired US Army officer and former Duncanville ISD administrator Norman Davis has helped place more than a thousand flags at subscribing homes and businesses in Duncanville as part of the Duncanville Rotary Club Flag Program. Every Memorial Day, Flag Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and Veterans Day, proudly waving American flags line the roads of the community thanks to Rotary Club volunteers like Davis. Veteran’s Day 2012 will be the very first time Davis will place flags knowing that when he’s finished, his wife will not be with him to enjoy a drive down Main Street to see them – Rosalinde Davis passed away at the end of July. Davis explains that the love of his life spent her days serving and honoring veterans, and in her memory he wants to continue to do the same – so he’s making a very special donation.

“I wanted to do something in memory of her, and the flags came to mind. But I didn’t want her flags to be lost in the midst of all the others,” Davis said. He requested that the Duncanville ISD Board of Trustees accept the donation of a flag subscription in Rosalinde’s name, a donation the Trustees warmly accepted. Davis served Duncanville ISD for 16 years as the former Coordinator of Operations, Assistant Supervisor for Facilities and Operations, and Chief Operations Officer after retiring from the US Army. He earned a BA from the University of Nebraska in 1971, and his master’s degree from the University of Missouri in 1973.

The flags will be placed in memory of Rosalinde at the Duncanville ISD Education Plaza on Cedar Ridge Drive – the future home of the district’s central administration staff. This is a location Davis carefully selected for the flags, because of the difference he felt the school district made in his wife’s life, the difference it made in his life, and because of the positive impact it continues to make on the community he calls home. It’s because of that difference that Davis offered to pay for the Rotary Flag subscriptions for Duncanville ISD every year for the rest of his life. It’s something he also knows the school district couldn’t do on its own; because the law limits school expenditures, tax dollars cannot be used for non-school related items like holiday flags. “The district cannot use budget money to pay for something like that.”

Davis knows his wife would love his decision. The Davises were married for 46 years, and Rosalinde spent much of that time supporting fellow soldiers and their families during Norman’s more than three decades of military service. During their time at Fort Lewis, Washington, Rosalinde was recognized by the commanding general for her leadership in organizing volunteer activities for the military wives on post. She believed no woman should have to give birth without the support and presence of their mothers; however, soldiers’ wives were often stationed hundreds of miles from their parents. While her husband was a battalion commander, she made herself available at all hours to be with expectant mothers at the hospital during labor.

Davis feels his wife’s generosity, patriotism, and sense of community are exemplified through his Duncanville ISD flag donation, but the role he will play in making sure the flags are placed at the Education Plaza goes beyond a paid subscription. “It’s on my route as a Rotary member, so I’ll have the opportunity to place these flags myself.” The hands that put out the school district’s flags five times a year in the memory of Rosalinde Davis will belong to the man who loved her the most.

That’s why Duncanville ISD is proud to name Norman Davis the October 2012 Red & Blue – Is It In You? honoree.