Recap of City Council Meeting – August 7, 2012

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Mayor Deborah Hodge
Mayor Pro Tem Johnette Jameson
Councilmember Don Freeman
Councilmember Dr. Stephen Jones
Councilmember Leslie Thomas
Councilmember Janet Harris
Councilmember Mark Cooks

Duncanville City Council Meeting Agenda
Regular Meeting – 7PM
Council Chambers, City Hall
203 E. Wheatland Road

Revised Agenda

Pledge of Allegiance
Mayor’s Report

Hodge spoke on the design day for Waterview Park with Kaboom and the fact that children provided the design concepts. Three plans will be submitted and the city will make the final decision. On 09/29/2012 at 7:30AM volunteers are needed for construction of the playground. Hodge urged citizens to contact Shane Gravens at 972-780-5076 or check the city website to volunteer for the build day

Recognition of Visitors/Proclamations/Presentations

Missy Armstrong of And Everything Nice was presented with the August Property of the Month by the Keep Duncanville Beautiful Board

Presentation to David L. Green and Grady W. Smithey, Jr. by Mayor Pro Tem Jameson
Citizens Public Comment Period

Jeff Burton – Commented on Item 4 and urged the council to keep hotel/motel money in Duncanville. He went on to say that every year he has spoken and has urged the council to keep the money in Duncanville, not in Dallas.

Harry and Jean Felkner – Thanked the City for their quick response to have Mauk Creek Branch cleaned out. Also expressed his concern about the West Nile Virus outbreak and was curious about when the city would spray for mosquitoes.

Cindy Jones – Reiterated what Jeff Burton had said. She feels that $25,000 shouldn’t be spent outside of Duncanville. She also stated that if money was going to be spent advertising something, it should be advertising Duncanville.

Ralph Isenberg – Explained that he ran an immigration clinic and has assisted 200-300 people from being deported. He stated that he had received complaints from Hispanic citizens regarding unfair treatment surrounding code compliance and possible city council involvement. Isenberg went on to say his investigative team would be contacting citizens to gather any evidence and that all evidence would be turned over to the Justice Department for review.

Gale Sliger – Stated that she was concerned with the council and the rumors that other boards would be, or have been vacated so power will be consolidated to a few. She also stated she was concerned with the direction the council is going.

Consent Item(s)

1C. Approval of Minutes

2C. Approval of First and Second Amendment to contract with CA Forensics, LLC. For forensic accounting regarding Main Station Duncanville, Ltd.

Item 2C pulled to take action after the Executive Session (Item 10). Item 1C approved


3. Receive report regarding West Nile Virus and discuss mosquito borne virus response policy.

Health Official Mike Plemons stated that the risk level is not at a 5 and calls for a public health alert and spraying to reduce the number of mosquitoes in the affected areas is called for. He went on to explain that on 07/26 he attended a meeting and the decision was made to spray the areas around positive traps and around human cases. In Duncanville a human case of West Nile Virus was identified on Southwood, and a trap tested positive on Jewel Street. On 08/01 the area around both was sprayed. On 08/06 a trap on Greenstone Court tested positive and was set to be sprayed after 10PM on 08/07/2012. Plemons went on to state that there is “false perception of what spraying does.” According to Plemons, spraying only kills about 20% of the mosquito population.

4. Public hearing on the proposed FY 2012-2013 Hotel/Motel Tax Budget.

Presentations were given by Amy Jackson of the Duncanville Community Theatre ($4,000), Steve Martin for the Sandra Meadows Classic Basketball Tournament ($15,000), Steve Martin for the Duncanville Chamber of Commerce to operate a visitor’s center ($15,000). Mary Faye Kamm for the International Museum of Cultures ($25,000). Dr. Bill Dover spoke in favor of the money for the basketball tournament, and Pantherette coach and DHS Athletic Director Cathy Self-Morgan spoke in favor as well.

5. Discuss and consider directing staff on hotel/motel tax funding requests.

City Manager Dan O’Leary explained that they city was developing a form to fill out to be considered and would be completing this in a timely manner.  Harris reiterated that they would be doing this as quickly as possible. Cooks stated that in future years he would like to see citizen involvement in the selection for money awarded. Jones moved to postpone this item with Thomas seconding. Passed by a vote of 6-0 with Hodge abstaining.

6. Presentation and discussion regarding traffic signal and detection system.

O’Leary explained that some of the signal lights in town used traffic cameras , instead of ground loops to determine when a light needed to change. Thomas requested this item due to privacy concerns. While the cameras could not record video, someone could watch businesses and possibly some homes. Staff would be addressing these concerns and refocusing the cameras.

7. Discuss and consider possible action on the Economic Development Incentive Agreement for real property located East Davis Street executive September 6, 2011.

Postponed until after the Executive Session.

8. Discuss and consider possible action on designation of official newspaper.

It was explained that the only local paper that fits the legal definition of a newspaper is the Focus.

9. Receive Councilmember Reports

Freeman spoke on the RaceTrac gas station going in on Cockrell Hill and Wheatland and that Dickey’s BBQ was going in at Main Street and Hwy 67.

Thomas pointed out that $30,000 was paid by RaceTrac to replace the trees dug up on their now construction. She also went on to extol the virtues of David Green and Grady Smithey.

Cooks was thankful for being elected to serve, and ask for citizens to get involved, and to encourage younger people to get involved.

Jameson commented on the trees being cut down on Wheatland and Cockrell Hill, but that the trees will be replaced in Red Bird Park.

10. Recess into Executive Session to meet with the City Attorney regarding DCEDC v. MARA, Inc., et. al. and Community Bank v. City of Duncanville, et. al.

11. Reconvene into Regular Session and discuss any item and/or take any action necessary as a result of the Executive Session.

Item 2C passed by a 6-1 vote with Cooks voting against.

Item 7 was not acted on by the council due to the impending litigation.