Pick-Up Truck Tailgate Thefts on the Rise

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The Duncanville Police Department is alerting the public of a rise in the number of pick-up truck tailgate thefts in the City of Duncanville and across the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex over the past several weeks.

On Saturday, June 25, the Duncanville Police Department will offer an educational session regarding how to apply anti-theft devices that will assist citizens with theft prevention.

The event will be held at the Duncanville Police Department, which is located at 203 E. Wheatland Road in Duncanville. The event is scheduled to begin at 9:00 am.

Tailgates can be stolen in less than 30 seconds, making them prime targets of opportunity. With replacement costs reaching $1,000 or more, it makes sense for pick-up owners to make their tailgates less attractive to thieves.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) released a report stating Texas was the top reported state with a combined number of thefts of tailgates stolen for 2014/2015 at 1,421 and Dallas was 2nd only to Houston for the highest per city.

Tailgate theft prevention tips:

  • First, if your model has an integrated lock, use it. If a tailgate can’t be opened, it can’t be stolen as easily. If you don’t have one, get one; they are relatively inexpensive.
  • Park with the tailgate as close as you can to an object or a structure to prevent the tailgate from opening.
  • Etch the truck’s vehicle identification number (VIN) or your own personal identification number into the tailgate; this will aid in its recovery and may prevent its theft in the first place.
  • Lock the tailgate. You can purchase locks to cover the hinge or a hose clamp.

The Duncanville Police advices the public to stay alert and report any suspicious activity to 972-223-6111. For more information contact Crime Prevention Officer Doug Sisk at 972-780-5027 or dsisk@duncanvillepd.com