Pegues Receives Diploma After Long Bout with Brain Tumor

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Senior Deuntae Pegues shook hands with principal Keith Butcher, received his high school diploma and threw his arms in the air with a triumphant smile lighting up his entire face. Dec. 14 Pegues along with five classmates became an official graduate of the Duncanville Independent School District. He was supported by a small section of the room with smiles as broad as his own. In this moment Pegues had conquered a major goal. The small twitch in his hand was hardly noticeable as Deuntae celebrated and shined briefly in the spotlight giving shout-outs to his favorite teachers.


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“All I can say is to keep your head up, finish school and go to college to be successful in life,” Pegues said.

Deuntae was a participant in Macy’s Make-A-Wish program last year after being diagnosed with a brain tumor his sophomore year. The tumor and treatment took a toll, affecting Deuntae’s motor skills and his ability to experience a positive learning experience at the high school. Pegues attended Pace High School where he acquired 14 credits in order to graduate and inspired his peers and teachers with his story.

“On a personal note, I believe Deuntae is the personification of courage, good humor and perseverance,” Butcher said. “Even on his most difficult days he never quit. Deuntae is an inspiration to so many.”

Senior English teacher Karen Wilson said Pace High School has not been as lucky in the past as they have been to have this group of extraordinary students, and she said she is proud of each of the graduates.

“Deauntae has overcome so many things to be where he is today,” Wilson said. “We are so proud of Deuntae for hanging in when we knew he did not feel like it, and it has been a struggle, but he is really high on our list of students we have appreciated teaching throughout our years as educators.” covered Deuntae as he was granted his wish through the Make-A-Wish Program. You can read that story here.