Patriot Athletics Serves at Feast of Sharing

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For the fourth consecutive year, the Dallas Baptist University Athletic Department took part in the sixth annual Feast of Sharing, hosted by H-E-B/Central Market. The feast was provided to thousands of people at Fair Park, many of whom were bused in from different area shelters and community centers.

All in all, Thursday’s feast featured approximately 2,500 pounds of sliced turkey, 350 gallons of mashed potatoes, 1,800 pounds of cornbread dressing, 9,000 rolls and 900 pumpkin pies. The goal of the event was to feed over 13,000 people.

With over 175 student-athletes, coaches, and staff from all 21 of the Patriot Athletic teams, joined hundreds of other volunteers at Fair Park to offer their services throughout the afternoon and evening. Student-athletes served food, bused tables, took out trash, and visited with thousands of homeless and less fortunate people from all over the Dallas area.

Visitors were treated with Thanksgiving plates along with pumpkin pie, ice cream, and drinks. Aside from a traditional holiday meal, the event also offered various health services, a Kids-Zone with a bounce house, and several crafts, along with music concerts performed by various artists.

“Feast of sharing is always a wonderful experience and definitely puts things in perspective on how blessed we really are.  It was a fantastic experience to serve with other athletes from DBU. I enjoyed the opportunity to interact with the children and to be able to share the joy of Christ with others,” commented junior Cheerleader and Diamond Belles, Stevie Shirley.

“The DBU student-athletes had the unique privilege to serve at the Feast of Sharing for the fourth straight year. This event is a great opportunity for our student-athletes to show Christ’s love in action,” said DBU Director of Athletics Ryan Erwin. “H-E-B and Central Market always do a great job in organizing the event, and it was a blessing and truly amazing to watch these young men and women serve as “Champions for Christ” in the community.”