Panthers Fall to the Trojans in Bi-District Action (Complete Recap)

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Duncanville stood and battled toe-to-toe and held their own through the first half, but in the second half Trinity put on the pressure and pulled away.

Duncanville and took the opening kickoff at their own fourteen, and Jaquan Cole carried up the middle for five yards, and over the left for seven. Quarterback Deandre Grimes was forced to scramble and was sacked for a 2-yard loss. Grimes was slightly shaken up on the play, and Duncanville was forced to take a timeout. On second and twelve, Grimes attempted to handoff to William Jackson, but the ball was fumbled on the exchange. Jackson recovered the ball with a two-yard loss. Grimes scrambled on third down for seven yards, running over the left side. On fourth down Zapata punted the ball away and it was downed on the Trojan forty-four yard line with 8:41 remaining in the first.

Matt Hawkins was under center for the Trojans and on first down, Hawkins passed left for Paul Tuipulotu, but the pass fell incomplete. On second down Hawkins fumbled a handoff exchange, but recovered the ball for a three-yard loss. Trojans attempted a middle screen on third down, but the pass was broken up by defensive tackle Cornelius Henderson. On fourth and thirteen, Michael Villegas punted the ball away for Trinity and the ball was marked downed at the Duncanville ten-yard line.

With 7:39 remaining in the first, Duncanville took over and Cole ran left for nine yards, and then Grimes hit

Jeff Thomas for twelve in the right flats. Cole tried to run up the middle, but was thrown for a one-yard loss, making it second and eleven. Grimes took the ball up the middle for a yard, but Duncanville was called for holding. With third and ten from the thirty-one, Grimes hit wide receiver Art Zapata for a twenty-five yard pass to the Duncanville forty-five. Aaron Piper carried the ball for four yards over the left, but after the play both teams were called for personal fouls and with offsetting penalties it brought up second and six from the Duncanville forty-nine. Piper tried to go up the middle, but was thrown for a two-yard loss. Grimes’ pass to Jeff Thomas at the five fell incomplete and Zapata punted away with Duncanville downing the ball at the Trojan fifteen-yard line.

With 4:34 left in the first, Joel Kimpela ran right for nine yards and Paul Tuipulotu ran for eleven over the left before being tackled by Gary Lewis. Tuipulotu ran left for two more yards, and then Kimpela went left for forty-five yards, taking the ball down to the Duncanville twenty before being tackled by Lewis. Kimpela rushed for two yards and on second and eight, Trinity was whistled for a false start, bringing up second and thirteen from the Duncanville twenty-three. Hawkins rushed for twelve before being tackled by Cordray Love. Kimpela rushed up the middle for four yards, then five yards, and finally broke into the end zone on second and goal from the Duncanville one. Duncanville was flagged on the PAT attempt, and Trinity decided to attempt the two-point conversion, but Kimpela fumbled the exchange and was tackled in the backfield, making the score 0-6 for Trinity with 23.5 seconds remaining in the first.

The ensuing kickoff was downed in the end zone, and Duncanville started their drive on their own twenty with a five yard run by Cole to end the first quarter.  On the first play of the second quarter, Grimes hit Malcolm McKenney for a seventy-five yard pass down the left side for a Panther touchdown.  A personal foul was called against Duncanville after the play, and would be assessed on the kickoff. Hector Sifuentes’ PAT was good and Duncanville led 7-6 with 11:49 remaining in the second quarter.

It didn’t take long for Trinity to respond. Trinity had the ball on the Duncanville thirty-eight after the penalty and the return. Hawkins tried to run the ball up the middle, but was stopped by Ghafona Iduwe for no gain. Hawkins pass attempt on second down to Weslee Goodwin was incomplete, but on third and ten Hawkins hit Ray Bolden for a thirty-three yard completion, with Goodwin being brought down by Trey Edwards at the Duncanville five-yard line. Kimpela ran for two yards and then Hawkins hit Austen Lequire in the end zone for a touchdown. Austen Lopez’s PAT was good and Trinity now led 13-7 with 9:58 remaining in the half.
On first and ten, Hawkins was sacked by Fred Smith but Smith was hit was a facemask penalty that moved the ball out to the Trojan forty-three. Kimpela ran for seven up the middle, and on second and three, Hawkins hooked up with Tuipulotu for a fifty-yard touchdown pass. The Lopez PAT was good and Trinity now led 20-7 with 7:49 remaining in the half.On the kickoff, Keith Holt returned the ball to the Duncanville thirty-nine. On first down, Cole ran left for a yard, and Grimes’ pass to Terry Cooper fell incomplete. Grimes then tried to hit Cole on a screen pass, but it fell incomplete. Zapata punted the ball on fourth down to Trinity’s Brian Ptomey, and Trinity returned the ball from the seventeen to the twenty-eight of the Trojans.

Duncanville started their drive from their own thirty-one. On first down, Grimes’ pass to Zapata was incomplete. Aaron Piper ran left for five yards, and fifteen yards was tacked on due to a facemask on Trinity. Grimes then ran right for eight yards. On second and two Grimes went to the end zone to hit Thomas, but the Trinity had him well covered and the ball was knocked away. Grimes ran left, and dropped the ball on the tackle on a loss of a yard, but Grimes recovered the ball. On fourth and three, Cole rushed left for twenty-six yards to take the ball down to the Trojans fifteen-yard line. Cole then ran right for eleven, and then went up the middle for the final four yards and a Panther touchdown. Sifuente’s kick for the PAT was good, and Duncanville had cut the lead to 14-20 with 5:19 in the second quarter left on the clock.

On the kickoff, Sifuentes attempted an onside pooch kick, but after the ball was batted around, Trinity maintained control and the Trojans started their drive in Duncanville territory at the forty-five yard line. From there it only took Trinity to find the end zone on a Kimpela forty-five yard touchdown run up the middle. Lopez added the PAT and Trinity pushed the lead back out o 27-14 with 5:03 remaining in the half.

Duncanville started the next drive on their own thirty-one with a two-yard loss on a Grimes run. Duncanville was also flagged for a personal foul and the ball was moved back to the Duncanville fourteen-yard line.  On second and twenty-seven, Grimes attempted a pass to Cooper, but it fell complete. But with a flag for a false start on the ground prior to the next play, Duncanville was moved back to the nine-yard line for third and thirty-two. Grimes was thrown for a three-yard loss, but Trinity was called for a facemask penalty and the ball was moved out to the twenty-four and an automatic first down. Duncanville then decided to make Trinity pay for the mistake. Cole ran right for nine yards,  Grimes up the middle for three and then Cole ran right for another eight yards before Grimes went to the air for Thomas and an eight-yard pass to the right flats. Cole then went left for eight, followed by a five-yard run to the left again. Grimes hooked up with Thomas on a nine-yard pass play to the right and then back to Thomas again for a fifteen-yard completion to take the ball to the nine-yard line. Cole then went right for eight yards before Grimes keep the ball and ran it in from the one for a touchdown. Sifuentes’ PAT made the score 21-27 for Trinity with :32 seconds remaining.

On the kickoff, Trinity was called for another personal foul and the ball was moved back to the Trinity twenty-seven. Kimpela was held for no gain on a rush up the middle with Keenan Blair making a sure tackle. Trinity elected to let the clock run out and Trinity went into the locker room with a 27-21 lead.

Trinity started the second half with the ball at their own thirty. Kimpela rushed for seven yards over the right side and took off on a long run, but it was called by on an illegal chop block and they were penalized fifteen yard and the ball moved back to the twenty-two yard line for second and eighteen. Kailahi hit Matt Hawkins on a reverse pass for forty-six yards to the Duncanville thirty-two. Kimpela rushed up the middle for nine yards and then Hawkins went right for five more. On first and ten from the Panther eighteen Kimpela rushed for an apparent touchdown, but the play was called back due to a holding penalty and ball set at the twenty-five yard line. On first and seventeen Kimpela ran right for a touchdown. Lopez provided the point after and the score was now Trinity 34 and Duncanville 21.

Duncanville’s possession started at their own twenty-six after the kickoff and lost yardage over the next five plays. On first and ten, the Panthers were called for holding, and the ball was backed up to the sixteen for a first and twenty.  William Jackson, after a handoff from Cole who had lined up as the quarterback, was tackled at the line as he tried to run right.  On second down Grimes was dropped for an eight-yard loss when he was sacked, and Cole picked up thirteen yards to put the ball at the twenty-one yard line for fourth and fifteen. Art Zapatata punted the ball twenty-three yards to set up first and ten for Trinity on the Duncanville forty-four with 6:36 remaining in the third quarter.
The Trinity kick was downed in the end zone, and of first and ten at the twenty Cole rushed for nine yards up the middle. On second and short, Grimes hit Zapata in the left flats for twenty-four yards. Grimes hit Christian Flewellen on a swing pass for another fifteen yards. Grimes next pass to Jeff Thomas was incomplete, and both teams were hit with offsetting personal fouls after the play. Grimes went back to Thomas and the pass was incomplete again. On third and ten Grimes went to Thomas again, with the same results. Fourth down was more of the same with Grimes going to Thomas again for an incomplete pass and Trinity took over on downs with 4:07 remaining in the third quarter.Trinity only needed three plays to find pay dirt again as Kimpela went left for thirteen, right for nineteen and Hawkins rushed for the final twelve yards for a Trojan touchdown. Lopez’s kick make it 41-21 Trinity with 5:27 left in the third.

Trinity’s drive started on their own thirty-one and ran over twelve plays and ran the clock to 11:27 remaining in the game. Kimpela rushed for six yards up the middle, and then Remel Newton ran for two yards over the left side. The remainder of the drive was a steady diet of Kimpela running of the middle for four, left for seven, left for eight, and the middle for six, before Hawkins ran for thirteen over the right. At the end of the run, Duncanville was flagged for a facemask personal foul and another fifteen yards was tacked on. To close out the third quarter Kimpela went up the middle for eight yards to set up second and two to start the fourth quarter. Kimplela then ran four yards to setup first and goal at the one and he punched it in for the touchdown. The score was pushed out to 48-21 with Lopez’s extra point.

On the kickoff, Duncanville was hit with a dead ball personal foul, which resulted in starting the drive at their own twenty-two yard line. Grimes first two passes were incomplete. On third and ten, Cole ran left for eight yards. On fourth and two Duncanville line up to punt, but snapped the ball to the up back Keenan Blair and he rushed up the middle for seven yards and a first down. Piper went right for twelve yards and Grimes finally was able to find Thomas for a thirteen-yard completion to the Trojan thirty-eight. Cole ran right for nine yards and Grimes hit Cooper for seventeen yards across the middle to Trinity’s twelve-yard line. Cole ran left for eleven yards and then up the middle for the final yard and a Panther touchdown. Sifuentes’ extra point made the score 48-29 with Trinity leading and 8:38 remaining in the game.

The Panthers tried another onside kick, and it was recovered by Gary Lewis for Duncanville at the Trojan forty-seven yard line and six plays later Duncanville scored again.  Grimes completed a seven-yard pass to Matt Villareal over the right. On second and three, Duncanville was flagged for a false start and the ball was moved back to the Trojan forty-six. From there Grimes hit Thomas for twelve yards, and then Grimes ran for one yard. Duncanville was again bit by the penalty bug when they were called for holding on a pass attempt to Zapata from Grimes. Grimes then hit Thomas on second and nineteen for a forty-yard completion to the Trojan four-yard line. Grimes then went right for four yards and a Panther touchdown. The Sifuentes extra point made the score 48-36 in Trinity’s favor with 7:03 left in the game.

The Panthers tried an onside kick again, but Cody Kersten fell on the ball at the Duncanville forty-nine yard line. Kimpela ran over the left for ten yards, and Paul Tuipulotu ran up the middle for four. Kimpela went up the middle on second and six for seven and a first down. Tuipulotu ran up the middle for two yards and Hawkins ran right for eleven and he was tackled by Jordan Tolliver at the fifteen-yard line.  Kimpela ran up the middle for three yards and then five yards for the last touchdown of the game and a 55-36 lead after the Lopez extra point with 3:00 remaining in the game.
The ensuing kickoff was sent out of bounds by Ramos and Trinity had to rekick.  Duncanville started their final drive of the night from their own twenty-eight yard line. Grimes attempted to passes to Keith Holt, Thomas, and his third pass was thrown out of bounds. On the third down play, Duncanville was flagged for holding, but it was declined. On fourth and ten Grimes hit Thomas, but only for an eight yard gain and Trinity took over on downs with 2:38 left in the contest.

Brandon Reed ran right for two yards and was tackled by Iduwe. Reed went left for three yards and was tackled by Del Washington, but Duncanville was called for a personal foul and the ball was moved to the Duncanville fourteen with a first down. Reeves rushed up the middle for eight yards and on second and four Joel Sullivan, who had come in as quarterback for the Trojans, took a knee to secure the 55-36 win for Trinity to advance in the playoffs.

This was a very physical matchup with both teams seeing injuries throughout the game.  Trinity was hit for 115 yards on ten penalties, while Duncanville had 152 yards on thirteen called penalties.

Trinity will advance to play Allen at 2pm at Cowboys Stadium next Saturday. On that same day, Cedar Hill will be facing Southlake Carroll at 11am. Mansfield Timberview will play Flower Mound Marcus at 5pm and Mansfield takes on Denton Guyer at 8pm.


Euless Trinity Duncanville
Total yards 480 469
First downs 21 22
Rushes/Yds 43/348 39/191
Average rush 8.09 4.9
Comp-Att-Int 4-7-0 14-29-0
Pass yards 132 278
Comp pct 57.14 48.28
Punts 1 4
Punting Yards 50 132
Punting Average 50 33
Fumbles-Lost 4-1 3-0
Penalties-yards 10-115 13-152


Name Comp Att Pct Yds TD INT
Deandre Grimes 14 29 48.28 278 1 0


Name Att Yds Yds/Att TD
Jaquan Cole 21 161 7.67 2
Keenan Blair 1 6 6.00 0
Aaron Piper 4 21 5.25 0
Deandre Grimes 11 6 0.55 2
William Jackson 2 -3 -1.50 0


Name Rec Yds Yds/Catch TD
Malcolm McKenney 1 75 75.0 1
Art Zapata 2 49 24.5 0
Terry Cooper 1 18 18.0 0
Christian Flewellen 1 15 15.0 0
Jeff Thomas 8 114 14.3 0
Matt Villarreal 1 7 7.0 0


Name Comp Att Pct Yds TD INT
Matt Hawkins 3 6 50 86 2 0
Kailahi Kautai 1 1 100 46 0 0


Name Att Yds Yds/Att TD
Joel Kimpela 28 269 9.61 5
Matt Hawkins 7 48 6.86 1
Paul Tuipulotu 3 17 5.67 0
Brandon Reeves 3 13 4.33 0
Remel Newton 1 2 2.00 0
Joel Sullivan 1 -1 -1.00 0


Name Rec Yds Yds/Catch TD
Paul Tuipulotu 1 50 50.0 1
Matt Hawkins 1 46 46.0 0
Ray Bolden 1 33 33.0 0
Austen Lequire 1 3 3.0 1