Panthers Fall to Mansfield Timberview 44-43

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One only needs to look at the stats to see what led to the 44-43 loss the Panthers suffered to the Mansfield Timberview Wolves.

Two glaring stats point to the reason for the 1-point loss. The Panthers had 12 turnovers for the game, and going 8 of 18 from the free throw line for a 44% free throw percentage.

panthers_timberview_graceBoth teams kept it close the first half, with neither gaining more than a 4-point advantage during the first sixteen minutes of play.

The Panthers held a 15-14 advantage after the first quarter, then Timberview battled back to take a 2 point advantage at the half.

Omar Sherman had 7 rebounds, 1 blocked shot, and 9 points in the half. The bulk of the Wolves points came from Chris Brown with two 3-pointers, and Alex Robinson’s 6 points.

Duncanville battled back in the second half and managed to take a 1-point lead going into the final period, but that dwindled quickly as the fourth quarter saw the Wolves extend their lead to five points with just under four minutes to play.

Duncanville came back to take a 43-42 lead with about one and half minutes left, but with only 26 seconds remaining in the game, Timberview took a 44-43 lead.

With Duncanville having three fouls to give before putting Timberview in the bonus, the Wolves were able to run out the clock for the victory.

The Panthers finish district place in fourth place behind DeSoto, South Grand Prairie, and Cedar Hill. The brackets and schedule for the playoffs will be set on Wednesday.

Duncanville Panthers

Name Fouls Rebounds Steals Blocks Points
Isiah Caldwell 1 2
Matthew McQuaid 1 4 2 5
Dominique Thomas 2 6
Renard Green 1 7
Desmond Wood 2
Jerami Grace 1 2 10
D.J. Wallace 1 2 4
Omar Sherman 1 12 1 9
Nassar Issa 2 3
Total 8 25 4 1 43

Mansfield Timberview Wolves

Name Fouls Rebounds Steals Blocks Points
J.V. Long 5 4
Cornelius Hudson 3 6 15
Alex Robinson 2 2 2 8
Chris Owens 1 4 2 1 9
Matt Martin
Tyus Momoh 2 3 1 5
Conner Moehring
Quinn Sutton
Josh Gbolabo
Evan Stein 3 2
Avery Gilbert 1 1 1
Total 17 16 5 1 44
1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr Final
Duncanville Panthers 15 9 10 9 43
Mansfield Timberview Wolves 13 13 7 11 44