Panther Prints Editor-in-Chief Places First in Lone Star Writing Contest

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Originally posted in the Panther Prints by  in Campus Happenings on January 14, 2013 2:10 pm

As spring approaches, it is time for the Publications department to begin entering various contest.   Panther Prints Editor-in-Chief Allison Peregory started the season off right as she won the Large School category in the  Lone Star Writing Contest.

“It’s exciting because this is the transitional phase for me out of marching season, so it’s always nice to have a contest to give you that little boost right before writing season” Peregory said

Panther Prints Editor-In- Chief recently received a $125 check for being the winner of the Lone Star Writing Contest in Texas. She received the award for her story about the Sparklers cheerleaders on campus published in the Focus Daily News. (Xavier Good photo)

This contest features work that was produced by students across Texas in their local newspapers after being published in their own high school publication. She received a $125 check for her winning entry about the Sparklers cheerleaders published in the Focus Daily News.  Peregory said she enjoys what she does and since her sophomore year, winning contest has just helped boost her confidence in her craft.

“Winning this contest is a really good confidence boost going into the contest season,” Peregory said.  “This is another one of those times that shows me that I really am improving and  making strides and getting better in my writing?”

Publication’s adviser James Rich said local papers are always willing to reproduce the work of students from Duncanville High School and are quick to compliment the great work they do.

“I am very proud of what my students do to publicize the school happenings in our community publications,” Rich said. “This is a great example of how our students not only produce quality work for our online publication at school but for our community papers as well.”

Knowing she was able to make the smooth transition back into her writing season, Peregory said she looks forward to conducting more interviews and doing the necessary research to provide Panther Prints and the public with more of her award-winning writing.