Painting with a Twist

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Professor Martha Heimburg Shows Knights How To Paint

Professor Heimberg is not your average professor, but she is a preeminent artist. Heimberg is known on the Northwood- Texas Campus for her thought-provoking poetry, innovative sculptures and breathtaking paintings. On Wednesday, February 20, DECA (Distributive Educational Clubs of America) hosted a paint night featuring Prof. Heimberg as the painting instructor in the Lambert Commons building.

PaintingHeimberg demonstrated to the knights step-by-step on how to create basic nature scenery using watercolor. Adrian Valle, freshman advertising major, stated, “I felt like a little kid again, feeling the paint with my hands and letting my mind explore the possibilities.” The knights interpretation of Heimberg’s painting varied in colors and shapes and were very creative. Prof. Heimberg stated, “It’s fun to paint with the knights because they aren’t art students, they are painting for fun and we all had a great time”

The knights really enjoyed discovering their creative side. “Heimberg brought out the inner artist out in me”, stated by Rukhsar Nalbandh, freshman management major.