Ourania Goomas – November 10, 1927/November 10, 2012

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On November 10, 2012, Mrs. Ourania Goomas departed this earth and entered the Gates of Heaven.  To that end, my mother loved Her Master and Savior all her life.

Born on November 10, 1927, in Berea, Greece, her parents, Nicholas and Korina Kalfoglou, raised her, including her three sisters and one brother, to love the Lord.

Soon after World War II, my mother came to the United States to receive Bible Training.  She went to Bible College in Minneapolis at the time that the Rev. Billy Graham was the president at Northwestern Bible and Missionary Training School.   Being that there were very few Greeks in Minnesota in the late 40’s, an instructor of hers directed her to get in contact with a student from North Central Bible Institute that was of Greek heritage.  That student at North Central Bible Institute, who had just returned from the European Theater of war, had felt the Calling to receive Bible training and return toGreece to become a missionary.  That student, George Goomas, later became my father.

Upon graduation from their respective colleges, and their subsequent wedding, I entered their life about two years later.  In the late 50’s, my parents became the pastors of the Greek Assembly of God Church in Oakland, California.  For approximately five years, they prepared their hearts and souls for the Great Commission to return to the land of Greece.

Once in Greece, except for brief furloughs to come to the United States, they remained on the mission field for over 30 years.  Together, they started a church in Thessaloniki, Greece; they translated and printed the Assembly of God Sunday School lessons and training guides into Greek; translated and printed the Assembly of God Hymn book, accompanied with musical notes; and helped organize and fund the Summer Bible Institute and Summer Camp. The work that they started endures to this day and long into the future.

The Goomas’s came back to the States in 1992 and remained here ever since.  Except for a brief trip to return to Greece for the 50th year celebration of the founding of the Greek Assemblies of God, they took up residence in Duncanville, Texas.  From then on they attended Crossroads of Life Assembly of God Church under Pastors Derwood Dubose, Gaylan Claunch, and Greg White, and in particular, Brother Max Wood’s Sunday School class.  Eventually, my dad was felled with congestive heart failure in December of 2003.  However, my mother soldiered on with the “Greeks for Christ” Ministry in Dallas, having monthly meetings to prayerfully support the people of Greece.

Soon, my mother will be laid to rest next to my father, and, I believe, their ministry will still resonate years from now.  To the very end of her life, she listened to Greek hymns, prayers, and sermons (Greek Assembly of God Radio Ministry).  Occasionally when she would sing the godly hymns, the angels would stop and listen. Today, she joined the angelic choir.

My mother’s last words were to say “thank you” to all the great people from Crossroads of Life Assembly of God for their support and loving kindness.

Sister Goomas is survived by her son, David Goomas, and other loving family.

Graveside services will be 10:00 am, Tuesday, November 13, 2012, at Little Bethel Memorial Park, 1803 S. Cedar Hill Road in Duncanville, Texas.