One Man-Band Serenades the Knights

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CAB Coffee House Presents Jerry Mahone

CEDAR HILL, Texas – Whoever thought one man was capable of creating an entire band with just a guitar and a talented voice? Northwood University’s Campus Activity Board (CAB) hosted another wonderful coffee house night and presented to the Knights the very talented Jerry Mahone.

Mahone is a beat boxing, soul singing guitarist. This hybrid artist definitely impressed the Knights. Mahone is a recording artist from Ohio. He was inspired at a young age with soul music by his family and knew that he just had to sing. Mahone plays the guitar like no one else. He puts a Neo-Soul R&B feel to his music and you can feel his passion from his music with every note. While Mahone plays the guitar and sings he uses a loop stitch device that records what he plays and instantly loops it. Once he gets the tone he likes, he adds on another layer until his music sounds completely like an entire band. Mahone played everything from Brittney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time” to his latest hit “Blame Yourself.” His most recent project was called the “Mix Tape Project” in which he writes a new song every week for a year and posts it on his website. Fans can listen to his music and then pick their favorite to go on his new CD. Mahone’s CD was available for all of the Knights to take home and enjoy.

The Knights absolutely enjoyed Jerry Mahone and the atmosphere was calm and serene. Christopher Adams, a senior marketing major, stated, “He was super nifty and creative.” “I thought he was a great artist and I bought his CD because I could relate to his music,” stated Dominic Barcelone, a sophomore accounting major. Cristen Heiker, a sophomore international business major, said, “He was a really amazing and entertaining artist. I am definitely going to by his CD. I’m glad that I came to the coffee house or I would have missed out on this great music.”

Natasha Norman, CAB president and advertising major, commented, “We chose him to perform because he is very versatile. Not only does he play guitar and beat boxes but he’s also very down to earth.” Mahone was an inspiration to the Knights. It was wonderful to see someone with so much talent utilize all of it and not conform to society. Mahone left with words of wisdom. “You are the sum of all parts. It doesn’t matter how many different things you want to do, if that’s your passion don’t let anyone stop you,” stated Mahone. He proves that there is no limit for your passion.