Nutrition Services Department Passes State Test

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The word “audit” typically strikes fear in most Americans, but Duncanville ISD’s Nutrition Services Department didn’t flinch when their financial records and services to students were recently reviewed. Federal regulations mandate a check of compliance with state and federal programs at least once every five years. A sample of Duncanville ISD schools was selected, and the Texas Department of Agriculture audited Hardin and Brandenburg Intermediates, as well as Duncanville High School.

“An audit is very intense,” explained Nutrition Services Director Donna Thomas. “All lunch applications are reviewed for accuracy to ensure that free and reduced price meal benefits are being issued properly. The auditors also visit each location to observe meal service and preparation. They physically stand behind each cashier, observing if they are recognizing a reimbursable meal. Employees also have to be ready to answer questions at any time.” Duncanville ISD is proud to announce that we passed our Nutrition Services Department audit with flying colors!

If errors are found, an organization’s funding from the Texas Department of Agriculture, as well as the USDA, can be withheld. According to Thomas, no errors were found in Duncanville ISD. “This could not have been a success without the hard work of the entire department,” she said. “The staff was phenomenal. I am so relieved and proud to be a part of this department as well as the district. Most of all, the students will continue to receive their free and reduced price meal benefits.”