Northwood Students and Alumni Learn the Power of Who

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You already know everyone you need to know

CEDAR HILL – “You already know everyone you need to know to get what you want in life.” Those powerful words were the main focus and theme of a recent presentation on campus based on the popular book, “The Power of Who,” written by Bob Beaudine, CEO of Eastman & Beaudine, the nation’s leading executive search firm in the sports and entertainment industry. Students, alumni, faculty, and staff gathered with standing room only on the Texas Campus to learn effective strategies and tools for discovering what we ultimately want out of life and the proper ways to utilize the connections we already have.

Nu_SpeakerNorthwood Texas was privileged to have this valuable information presented by Mr. J. Christopher Noonan, the Executive Vice President for AXA Financial in Dallas, TX. After discovering early on in his career that he had a passion for helping others achieve their goals, Chris now has a proven track record of leading people to outstanding results and helping them realize their own unique talents. Throughout his presentation, Chris shared personal stories of how focusing on what he wanted out of life and utilizing his “Who” network allowed him to accomplish goals and have incredible, life-changing experiences. Some of the stories included climbing Mt. Rainer, canoeing in the Amazon, and participating in an African safari with his family.

There were several key points from the presentation and Chris had the audience do a few exercise to go along with the topics. One such exercise that related to the stories mentioned above was the 101 Lifetime Goals list, where he encouraged everyone to write a list of 101 things they would like to accomplish in life. Next to each goal, the audience was instructed to write a name of someone who could help them achieve that goal. Chris’s point was that by sharing your dreams and goals with others, we can accomplish so much more. The Mt. Rainer story mentioned previously was the result of doing just that.

Another exercise was the Victim vs. Responsible Mindset. The audience was asked to write down a list of people close to them (friends, family, coworkers, etc.) and determine whether their positive or negative attitudes and actions led them to be in a state of victimization or responsibility. The point behind this message is that we are who we spend time with and hang around. Do we want to be around positive or negative people and do we, in turn, want to be in a victim or responsible mindset?

Words describing the workshop were “inspiring” and “eye-opening,” as many began to realize that they truly do know everyone they need to know, starting with their friends, family, classmates, coworkers, fellow alumni, faculty/staff, and more. Bryan Tryon, a freshman Hospitality Management major shared, “I learned more about myself. I was reflecting on people that I knew and realized that I know very powerful people.”

Following the presentation, a dessert reception was arranged for those in attendance to begin building upon their “Who” network. “It was great to see a good mix of students and alumni in attendance. Both parties truly have a unique pool of people to connect with right here in their Northwood network, and it’s exciting to see those relationships develop.” stated Director of Alumni Relations, Natasha Elder.