No-Shave November is a Success

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Northwood University Campus Activities Board Host No-Shave November Events

CEDAR HILL, Texas–November, is also known as No-Shave November in order to spread awareness for prostate cancer and men’s health overall. To participate, men start clean shaven on October 31st, and do not shave for the entire month. Although this is generally a men’s event, women are welcome to show support as well.

Keaton Parcell

On Thursday, November 29, 2012, Northwood University’s campus activity board, CAB, hosted their first No-Shave November event in the Gaubert Student Activities Center (GSAC). Posters with info on the event started appearing after Halloween and word spread like wild-fire.  The knights were encouraged to grow out their beards and the man with the best beard would win a “man kit”. The “man kit” included beef jerky, root beer, shaving cream, razor, gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings, and a gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods.

The No-Shave November event had several contestants enter the contest even girls, which showed their support with store bought beards.  Gabby Esparza, freshmen entertainment sports management major stated, “My friend and I saw the flyer and we had to go for the prizes, so we went to Party City and bought Santa Clause beards.” The event had three smaller contests within it. Each contestant completed the task and the person with the highest score took home the “man kit” which included a Philips Norelco beard trimmer series 7200. For the first event, contestants had to shave a balloon without popping it. Although no one popped their balloon the task was very difficult and messy without the use of napkins. The second event proved to be the hardest and not for the weak. The knights also had a jalapeño eating contest. Contestants began dropping quickly as the scorching hot pepper charred their taste-buds until they could no longer endure the fire.

“The jalapeños were hot but I took it like a man”, stated Ozzie Gutierrez, sophomore management major.   Last but not least the last contest was for the overall best beard contest. Points were calculated by the CAB president and junior advertising major, Natasha Norman.  Keaton Parcell, senior business major, was declared the winner of the No-Shave November contest, and from the look on his face, he was very ecstatic. Keaton Parcell later stated “I prepared all of November and it feels great to win and that my hard work paid off”.   Natasha Norman stated, “We had a really good turnout. It was really fun seeing everyone get into the competition and it will be bigger and better next year.”  So next year don’t be alarmed when you are in the Cedar Hill area next November, for that is not big foot, just one of the knights on the prowl to spread awareness for men’s health.