Next Two Council Meetings Need Citizen Input

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On Monday and Tuesday evening this week citizens have an opportunity to speak to the Duncanville City Council and make their wishes known.

A Town Hall meeting is scheduled on Monday evening at 7pm at the Duncanville Library/Community Center. The meeting is to get input regarding redistricting of the cities single member districts in order to more equatable population distribution between the districts.

The proposal for redistricting is available on the city website, you can see it by clicking here.

You can also view the proposal during normal business hours at Duncanville City Hall.

Council member Grady Smithey is encouraging people to attend the meeting on Monday and let the council know how you feel about the plan. “It is especially important to let the Council know you approve. Do not assume that if you don’t say anything they will know you approve the currently proposed new districts.  I stress this because there are those that do not want this plan and have their own plans,” said Smithey in a release.

On Tuesday evening the Duncanville City Council will hold its next council meeting.

Two items on the agenda are of particular importance to Duncanville citizens.

Item number 21 is regarding discussions about the new Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) providing for associate memberships for non-member cities.  This would possibly allow some type of mass transit service to Duncanville.

The second item of interest is Item 24 and addresses the action taken by members of the Duncanville City Council that was determined to be a violation of the Texas Open Meetings Act.

On that night some members of the council removed members of the Economic and Development Board whose term had not expired.  That item was not on the agenda, and should not have been taken.  This item was placed on the agenda again and citizens are being encouraged to attend to express their views.

You can view the entire agenda for the meeting by clicking here.