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DECA Students Host Karaoke Night

CEDAR HILL, Texas-College gives you the opportunity to be independent however it can also be stressful.  Next week is midterms and many students are walking around like zombies studying for them, but DECA students had a solution for the walking dead on campus.

On Tuesday, October 9, the Gaubert Student Activity Center, GSAC at Northwood University was changed into a karaoke bar.  After a long day of classes and studying, students were invited to sing songs and get acquainted with one another. Karaoke is a great stress reliever, therapeutic, and a wonderful ice breaker.

Karaoke is a great way to overcome the fear of public speaking and stage fright. In fact, the toughest part of karaoke is waiting for your turn to sing. Students paired up for duets to serenade the crowd. The students were very eager to sing. “It’s pretty funny to see everyone singing even if they don’t sound well,” said Adriana Mena, freshman marketing major.  The atmosphere was nice and cozy and the music varied from country to hip-hop and even childhood Disney songs. Dominic Barcelon, sophomore accounting major stated, “It was fun to see everyone come out of their shell.” The knights let go of some stress and came together as a family for a good time.