Metro Dance Opens Its Doors in Duncanville

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Conveniently located in the new Downtown Duncanville District, with beautiful parking areas and many establishments for the busy dance moms and dads to go to while waiting for their children.  Inside Metro DANCE you will find comfortable seating and a designated playroom for the future baby dancers.  It has been a goal to make Metro DANCE a comfortable, warm experience for whoever walks in the doors.

Metro DANCE is a visionary creation by Kara Flores.  Metro DANCE is for all dancers that love what they do on the dance floor.  The goal of Metro DANCE is to be a dance destination that brings together dancers to learn, share, and build on their natural God-given talent.

Kara and Daniel Flores

The instructors at Metro DANCE are Kara Flores, and Rachel Robutka

Kara started dancing at the age of 3. She has taught dance for 13 years. At Texas A&M University, she was in the dance minor and a part of the elite EmSu Dance Company. She has studied and participated in dance courses with Manhattan Tap Company, Ballet Magnificat!, and Dance Ad Deum. She has choreographed award-winning pieces for solos and groups at many DFW area competitions, as well as Cedar Valley College’s Swinging with the Big Band Christmas. Kara and her husband, Daniel, are both Duncanville graduates and have two beautiful daughters.

Rachel Robutka

Rachel Robutka began her dance training in Canada at the age of six. After moving to Texas, she trained at several studios including Encore, Desoto Dance, and Ultimate Dance. She danced competitively throughout high school achieving platinum ranking and going on to compete on a national level.  Her experience includes training from Mia Michaels, Justin Giles, Nick Lazzarini, Wade Robson, Tyce Diorio, Nappytabs, Laurie-Ann Gibson, and Mandy Moore. Rachel taught at Dance Invasion in Arlington. She is experienced in ballet, contemporary, hip hop, and jazz and is looking forward to a new chapter at Metro Dance.

Open house and registration are Saturday, December 8th from 10AM to noon and Saturday, January 5th from 10AM to noon, with classed beginning Monday, January 7, 2013.

Another exciting announcement is that Tommy Boonsong from the Tunay Dance Studio in Las Vegas will be giving master classes in hip hop and breakdancing every two months at Metro DANCE.