Methodist Rehabilitation Hospital Helps Students Test Life as a Person With Disabilities

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Duncanville High School Health Sciences students had an opportunity to perform everyday tasks as a person with disabilities.

Students at Duncanville High School recently experienced life as a disabled person does when they participated in sensitivity training and demonstrations during a rehabilitation awareness and education program provided by Methodist Rehabilitation

Hospital. Buttoning a shirt? Not so easy when one arm is paralyzed due to a stroke. Students attempted to perform several everyday tasks as a disabled person.

Nearly 50 million Americans are disabled; disability does not discriminate. Every person is at risk. Therefore, everyone is a potential candidate for rehabilitation.

Statistics show that medical rehabilitation improves lives and saves money. For every $1 spent on rehab care, it is estimated that $11 is saved on long-term disability costs. Independence gained or retained through rehabilitation is priceless.

Methodist Rehabilitation Hospital is the only hospital of its kind in the southwest Dallas area, and is among the top 10 percent of inpatient rehabilitation facilities in the United States. For more information about the Methodist Rehabilitation Hospital, visit