Mega-States Report Shows Strong Gains for Minority Students in Texas

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A new report that examines the country’s five largest states shows Texas students making the largest gains in math performance.

The report called “Mega-States: An analysis of Student Performance in the Five Most Heavily Populated States in the Nation” was prepared by the National Center for Education Statistics. It examines results on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) for students in Texas, California, Illinois, New York and Florida. Texas has the second largest public school enrollment in the country, behind only California.

Commissioner of Education Michael L. Williams issued the following statement:

tea“The National Assessment Governing Board’s Mega-States report provides an insightful snapshot of some major successes in our state. The data from more than a decade confirm that the hard work of our students and educators in Texas—as well as those state lawmakers who have dared to build a public education system that aims high—is paying tremendous dividends for the future of Texas.

The gains our eighth-grade students have made in mathematics—32 points higher in 2011 than in 1990—speak to an emphasis Texas has placed on a critical core subject. Along with mathematics, our eighth-grade performance in science in 2011 reveals Texas is on a path to meet the growing job needs in critical STEM fields across our nation.

Finally, Texas is proud to see significant gains since 1990 across demographic groups: African-American eighth graders scored 42 points higher in 2011 than in 1990; white and Hispanic students posted greater gains in average scores from 1990 to 2011 compared with their peers nationally; plus, significant gains were made by students with disabilities and students from lower-income families.

Although the Mega-States report provides a wonderful snapshot, I do not believe any of the states represented think the gains have been enough, or that the work is anywhere near complete. Our strength lies in a commitment to educating every child in every school in every community across our state. I can assure you that Texas will continue working to aim higher and accomplish more for its students, educators, and for the future of our state.”

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