Local Company Donates Items to Nurse Navigator Program at Methodist Charlton

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Kim Lauer and Diana Zuniga with Personalized Communications in Duncanville recently met with Methodist Charlton Nurse Navigator Vicki Hallum to donate beautiful handmade knit caps and bookmarks with handwritten notes of encouragement for cancer patients at Methodist Charlton. The items were made by Lee Reed, an employee of Personalized Communications and a cancer survivor.

“Lee knew from her own experience that these items would be appreciated by cancer patients,” says Kim Lauer, director of sales and marketing.

Nurse Navigator Vicki Hallum and Kim Lauer and Diana Zuniga with Personalized Communications.

Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be a scary and unfamiliar path. Fortunately, patients at Methodist Charlton Medical Center have the hospital’s Nurse Navigator program to help guide them through the challenges. The Nurse Navigator walks through the experience with the patient, providing education and emotional support along the way from biopsy to treatment and follow-up. The program offers the patient educational materials, including a personal health manager, organizers for medication and appointments, and other resources.

The Nurse Navigator Program is part of the many services Methodist Charlton offers cancer patients, including specialists, surgeons, genetic counseling, reconstruction surgery, and affiliations with Texas Oncology-Methodist Charlton Medical Center and Cancer Institute of Dallas nearby. For more information on the Nurse Navigator Program, contact Vicki Hallum at Methodist Charlton Medical Center at 214-947-5479.