Let’s Lower the Crime Opportunity, Keep Your Garage Doors Closed

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Criminals are creatures of opportunity. Always looking for the easiest way to make a buck, they drive around fishing for open garages. And in less than a minute, they can be in and out of your garage with your property.

garage_doorA number of the residential burglaries in Duncanville occur from open or unlocked garages. The Duncanville Police Department recommends that you keep your garage door closed at all times, even if you are just going to be gone for a short period of time.

Residents should also consider keeping valuables locked up or out of sight. It is a good idea to write down your hand tools and lawn equipment information, including make, model and serial numbers. In case that it is ever stolen, there is a way to track it and possibly recover it.

To get a neighborhood crime watch started in your neighborhood, or for additional information, contact Officer Sisk at (972) 780-5027 or email at dsisk@ci.duncanville.tx.us.

Help the Duncanville Police Department help you take a bite out of crime by doing your part by closing and locking your garage doors.