Let the Projects Begin!

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Duncanville ISD is at the forefront of transforming public education.  The district wants to ensure that students have the skills needed to be successful in the 21st century. Skills like communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and the ability to investigate problems, research and create solutions. But the transformation can’t be done alone. Teachers are working together to partner with businesses in an effort to design real and relevant projects that engage students. They’re using the proven teaching strategies of project based learning. Watch the below district produced video to learn more.

Teachers in grades 3, 5, and 7 spent the summer working together to design grade-level PBL challenges. The first PBL of the school year started September 10 at all elementaries, intermediate and middle schools, and will last several weeks. This week’s Friday Informer spotlights the Kennemer Middle School seventh-grade PBL.

Kennemer teachers are challenging their students to prepare a proposal for Lockheed Martin Engineering that will persuade the company to invest in Duncanville ISD classrooms and foster student discovery. The goal of the PBL is to create a partnership with the engineering firm and collaboratively develop future student projects that have real world science and math application. In turn, the partnership would help Lockheed Martin reach their goal to increase the number of students who pursue careers in science and math. Learn more about this PBL by reading the project challenge brief, HERE.