Knights Donate to Save Lives

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Northwood University gives Blood at their Annual Blood Drive

CEDAR HILL, Texas–Every two seconds someone in the United States needs blood. Sickle Cell Anemia affects more than 80,000 people in the U.S., with 98 percent being African American. Sickle Cell patients can require frequent blood transfusions throughout their lives. On Tuesday September 18, Northwood University hosted a campus blood drive sponsored by the American Red Cross.

Students where so eager to donate blood the nurses could hardly keep up. “It feels good to know that I’m helping out others by donating blood” says Jocelyn Knowles, sophomore accounting major.

Sometimes people are so busy that they tend to forget to help others in need, but due to the attendance of students donating blood, this was not the case at Northwood University.

Chad Lockhart, freshman management information systems major stated, “I believe by doing this you save lives. I feel proud to donate blood, this is my third time donating and I love to help others.”

Knights came from all over campus to donate, from traditional students, DeVos MBA students and even professors. “I’m glad I can give back in some way,” stated Ian Morehouse, an entertainment sports management major.”

I am honored to be a part of an institution that cares so much for others and take time out of their busy schedules to give back to the community. I am proud to be a Northwood University Knight.  I, Kourtni Smith, a Northwood Fashion Marketing Major, have sickle cell anemia and this was definitely a wonderful sight to see everyone giving blood that one day I may need, thank you Northwood University and the American Red Cross.