Knight to Knight Spotlight Award Debuts

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Karen Hinds receiving her Knight to Knight Spotlight Award from President Fegan
LaTesha Williams receiving her service award from President Fegan

Northwood Texas faculty and staff held their annual Welcome Back Lunch August 22 before the students returned for the Fall semester on the twenty-seventh.  Participants enjoyed a scrumptious lunch provided by Babe’s Chicken Dinner House in Cedar Hill, while dining on a beautifully decorated table of Northwood spirit gear, including pom-poms, megaphones and “Knightingale” bird whistles

The Knight to Knight Spotlight Award debuted this year on the Texas campus.  Faculty and staff were given the opportunity to anonymously recommend a fellow co-worker who went above and beyond to assist a fellow knight in the workplace.  This year recipients included Karen Hinds, Diana Garcia, Deborah Lusk, Don Stewart and Larry Balagna.

This year service awards went to auxiliary personnel LaTesha Williams, Jerrod Wade and Wilbur Batty.  Full times employees included Lawrence Alalade, Robert Garza, Dollie Pope, Sabine Adams, Jack Allday, Martha Heimberg, Sandra Popham, Ron Sekerak, David Spaulding and Nadrah Lott.