Implementation of State 2 Water Management Plan Extended Through June 8, 2012

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Duncanville implemented Stage 2 of the Water Management Plan on December 12, 2011. Due to the low amount of rainfall this summer/fall and projections for low rainfall totals next year, the City of Dallas requested all cities that purchase water through them to implement their water management plan. The Stage 2 Water Management Plan has been extended through June 8, 2012.

The goal of implementing the Stage 2 Water Management Plan is a five-percent (5%) reduction in water usage per person per day, which will be achieved primarily through the limiting of outside watering. For further details of the Stage 2 Water Management Plan, please contact the Duncanville Municipal Service Center at (972) 780-4900. To view the City’s Water Management Plan, visit the online Municipal Code System, Chapter 20, Sec. 20-99.