ICIE to Conduct Investigation

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media release from the Isenberg Center for Immigration Empowerment (ICIE)

Duncanville Will Not Become a Farmers Branch or Irving

Ralph Isenberg, founder of the Isenberg Center for Immigration Empowerment (ICIE), will be introducing an investigative team of students at the City of Duncanville City Council this evening (August 7, 2012) that will be looking into complaints by Hispanic residents about how the City of Duncanville treats them. “The investigation will initially focus on reviewing code compliance calls to Hispanic residents to determine whether elected officials were involved in initiating these calls”, Isenberg said. Isenberg added that “this investigation will involve field work by ICIE staff also known as the “I – Team”, freedom of information requests and extensive interviews with alleged victims of racial prejudice. After we complete our investigation we will be turning the information over to the Department of Justice, Office of Civil Rights for review”, Isenberg said.

“ICIE does not plan to contact political organizations to assist them at this point in time. We simply want to gather the facts and see it there is wrong doing on the part of city officials”, Isenberg said. Isenberg suspects that his investigative team will find positive results of racial prejudice by some elected officials. “In order to protect the residents of Duncanville, we plan to keep the elected officials under investigation nameless until a Federal Grand Jury probe is convened. If the Feds in Dallas want to avoid this serious issue we will take action in Washington DC”, Isenberg said. Isenberg was recently at the center of a Federal Grand Jury probe in Washington DC that is ongoing that is investigating the Office of the Inspector General, Department of Homeland Security in both McAllen, Texas and Dallas, Texas. Several agents have been put on administrative leave pending indictment.

Isenberg works with media agencies like Huffington Post, New York Times and Center for Investigative Reporting. Isenberg has become one of the most active advocates for immigrants in the United States. Funding for his organization is provided entirely by Isenberg.  Isenberg has a staff attorney who is currently is handling over 18 Federal cases claiming wrong doing by immigration officials. “This is a little bit different for the “I-Team” but is will be a great learning experience for them”, Isenberg concludes.